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Avian Invitations


Attracting birds to your home can bring music to your ears and improve the health of your yard or garden. To invite flocks of feathered gems, you can begin by offering tokens of appreciation in the form of tasty treats. Of course, the exterior of your property should also be pesticide free. Since many a park bench is filled with breadcrumb tossing patrons, for which urban pigeons are devoted, we will start with grain-based treats. When it comes to baked goods, birds’ palettes are as varied as the color of their plumage. That said many breads and pastries entice multiple… read more

App Helps Minimize Waterbird Disturbance

App Helps Minimize Waterbird Disturbance

A new mobile app can help calculate how construction noise and other factors will affect waterbirds in protected areas and help with mitigation efforts. The app, part of the Waterbird Disturbance Toolkit for the TIDE Project, is designed to help planners, developers, and managers in or near estuary systems to identify the potential disturbance to waterbirds from nearby construction activities. “The way noise affects birds is complex and existing information was poor, so we set out to not only gather much-needed scientific data but also make it useful and accessible to a range of users. As such, the app has… read more

Birds Nests For Humans?

"Spirt Nest" by Jayson Fann

When one thinks of birds nests, one usually does not think, “Hmm…I’d like to live in a giant version of that.” And yet, in the California coast in the U.S., a growing populace wakes up each morning thinking that very thought. And they’re not alone. It began with an idea, namely Californian artist Jayson Fann’s. He thought it would be keen to create “spirit nests”, as he calls them, for humans to inhabit.Obviously not as a permanent living solution, but as a getaway home or beach property. Something cozy to retire to after a long day’s work, or as a… read more

Habitats for Barn Owls


Raptor Works is a program based at Merced High School in California, which takes used crates that once harbored items like fruit or nuts and turns them into wooden homes for Barn Owls. The program was developed by Steve Simmons, a retired shop teacher and volunteer biologist. In this program, students of Merced High School take crates and other packages destined for the landfill, and make homes for Barn Owls. (Though they have also put their skills to use making habitats for other birds, including Bluebirds, Wood Ducks, Screech Owls, and American Kestrel.) Once the materials are up-cycled into homes,… read more

Nests from Bricks

Brick Habitat Photo

Urban areas are famously well-known for destroying ecosystems during the process of developing housing centers, apartments, offices. Many natural habitats are killed during construction and hardly any attempts are made at replacing the loss of animal and plant life. Therefore, it is our responsibility as homeowners and curators to make sure the reintroduction of life to our living space is accomplished. Biodiversity is a necessary thing for the continuity of our existence and living in mutual cohesion with the Earth greatly benefits everyone. It’s easy to create a sustainable ecosystem in your own backyard, or even on the walls of… read more

Plastic bags are evil

Plastic bags kill turtles

Plastic bags last for five hundred to a thousand years