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Shrimp Is The New Plastic


A solution to the world’s plastic overload may have been found in a shrimp. Or actually, in the shrimp’s composition. A research team from the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University are on to something huge. They have developed an interesting procedure for making bioplastic that is completely biodegradable and could someday replace commercial plastics that are not sustainable. The process uses a substance called chitin, which is an abundant natural source that can be collected from certain shelled organisms. Examples of the organic material can be seen in the protective coverings on shrimp and other crustaceous… read more

“Green” Imposters – Products You Should Avoid Buying


Many products have, either through their own claims or public fallacy, been labeled as constituting a “greener” option. While an abundance of companies now have Eco-friendly initiatives, some even living up to, many are simply capitalizing on the ever-growing conscious of consumers. And even then, they often don’t match the level of efficiency for which they purportedly strive. Thus, you are likely to encounter several of such items, perhaps even interacting with them regularly, on a daily basis. Nonetheless, listed below are a particular few that take great notice. Recyclable Plastics Plastic products today are often branded with varied levels… read more

Teen Turns Banana Peels into Bioplastic

Teen Turns Banana Peels into Bioplastic

Taking an organic waste material and turning it into an alternative feedstock for a product usually made from petroleum could be a big step toward a more sustainable world. That’s the type of design thinking that can really bridge the gap between our ever-present needs and our growing waste stream, and if this teenager is an example of what the next generation of scientists are capable of, we’re in good hands. When I take a look at a pile of banana peels, I see something that might be useful in a compost pile, but when 16 year old Elif Bilgin… read more

Food Waste Hurts Us All

Throwing It Away

Food waste has been gaining a lot of attention in the news, and statistics showing staggering amounts of food that is thrown out sparks a practical interest in how to save food and money from going to waste. One report featured by ABC News showcased the food practices of an average family of 4 and found that they typically threw away approximately 25% of their total monthly grocery bill, around the equivalent of 13 pounds of discarded food. That is a substantial amount to be thrown out, and when figuring that this is the norm for most families, it adds up… read more