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Mossy Music – This Radio Plays From Plant Power

Mossy Music - This Radio Plays From Plant Power

A team of researchers, biochemists and plant scientists from the University of Cambridge have created a prototype of a radio that can run on moss. Figuring out how to power up an FM radio with a network of plants, the process works via what they refer to as Biophotovoltaics, which is a budding biophilic technology where electrons and protons that are generated by plants in photosynthesis are collected and converted into electrical currents. The Moss FM radio contains 10 photo microbial fuel cells. Wanting to try out a way to power up a home device, but worried about the environment… read more

Electricity By Moss

Moss Table by the University of Cambridge

A new green technology is emerging, and it could be one of the most excitingly innovative ideas we’ve seen in quite awhile. It’s called Bio-Photo-Voltaics (BPV), and it harnesses energy through the process of photosynthesis that otherwise would be wasted. Currently, researchers for a company called Biophotovoltaics have developed a conceptual ‘Moss Table’ that creates energy with multiple moss pots spread throughout the console. The table acts as a bio-electrochemical device that converts algae, cyanobacteria, and vascular plants into electricity. It can be used to power alarm clocks and smaller devices, and eventually laptops and energy-hungry gadgets. This table was… read more