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Leading By Example

Leading By Example

Industry, though necessary in a modern world, has a big impact on the environment. It takes enormous energy to run places, and yet there are some organizations and workplaces making great efforts to reduce their impact. Great Britain is home to one extremely green hospital. Featured on Real Green TV, University Hospital of South Manchester is the first in the UK to install a large 4 megawatt biomass plant, which greatly decreases their carbon dioxide emissions. Implementing greener ways of doing things is a commitment reportedly taken seriously by staff. The goal is to become carbon neutral, and in addition to… read more

Satellite To Weigh World’s Forests

Biomass satellite

The more we know about our planet, the more we can better understand how we’re both destroying and saving it. Having new data for everything from forestry statistics, to ocean levels, erosion, pollution, and population growth will allow us to evaluate what we’re doing right, and what we can be doing better. Biomass, the 7th satellite in the Earth Explorer mission, was created for such a purpose; to “weigh” the world’s forests, and provide us with detailed information about our planet. This expedition will shed new light on the damage we’re doing to the Amazon Rainforest, and other large bodies… read more

Researchers Develop System for Efficiently Harvesting Seaweed for Biomass


On some beaches, regularly removing seaweed is a necessity to keep the area clean and tidy for users, but the methods currently used are not very efficient or environmentally friendly. However, a research group at the University of Alicante in Spain has come up with a system that not only removes the seaweed efficiently, but can also process it right on the beach, which could be a big step toward treating this resource as biomass for energy production and other uses. The recently patented process puts the seaweed through several steps, including washing, drying, and compacting the material, right on… read more