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Supermarket Chain Converts Food Waste to Energy

Supermarket Chain Converts Food Waste to Energy

We have a staggering amount of food waste in our modern world, and while we can all do our part to reduce that on our end, there is still quite a bit of waste in the food system at the distribution level. But one supermarket company is taking steps to close that loop a little bit, by turning their food waste into biogas to provide clean energy for its distribution center. Kroger is now using an anaerobic conversion system at its 650,000 square foot Ralphs/Food4Less Compton (California) distribution complex to convert unsold food into renewable energy, which will also greatly… read more

New Green Building Powered by Microalgae

BIQ IBA Hamburg

Usually, when we talk about green buildings, we refer to the eco-friendly elements or the sustainable design factors that lessen a building’s carbon footprint. But this new green building is, quite literally, green, as it has a microalgae bioreactor facade acting as a “bio-skin” that provides enough energy for the building’s electrical and heat needs. The Bio Intelligent Quotient (BIQ) building, in Hamburg, Germany, cultivates microalgae in a vertical farm of 129 transparent glass panels on the sides of it that face the sun. When the tiny plants reach harvest levels, some of the algae is then removed and fermented… read more

Green is the new red

Green Coke

Coca-Cola Enterprises is set to roll out a fleet of renewable biogas-powered delivery trucks in London depot as part of a drive to cut its greenhouse gas emissions and fuel costs. The investment follows a successful 12-month trial with low carbon vehicle technology advisor, the Centre of Excellence (Cenex), to evaluate and compare the emissions, fuel consumption, economics, reliability and operability of a 26 tonne Iveco Stralis biomethane gas vehicle with that of a diesel Stralis vehicle. It concluded that the gas vehicle achieved emissions savings of about 50%, compared to the diesel vehicles. Cenex has predicted this saving could… read more