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Jewelry – Transposed

Jewelry - Transposed

Whether a reflective statement piece or an artistic addition to a wardrobe, jewelry and the art of crafting it are treasured by many. Though it can be representative of many things, the following designers have completely reworked what jewelry can do. Their creations are totally unexpected and out of the box, and one is even a little avant-garde with a touch of disturbing. Although many may not necessarily be wishing to wear these pieces, they are definitely worth visiting just for their sheer shock factor that normally isn’t included in the jewelry box. Jewelry designer Ewa Śliwińska developed The Living Points Structure, a project… read more

Mitten Crabs May Soon Be Containing Your Electronics

Mitten Crabs May Soon Be Containing Your Electronics

It sounds more like something you may come across on an outdoor trek than on a countertop. However, in the everlasting search for a better way to make smart plastics another interesting discovery has been found. The Chinese mitten crab is viewed as a tasty delight for some, a menace to many others and an unusual form of material inspiration for designer Jeongwon Ji. When mitten crabs overpopulate they can upset land and water areas, and their excessive burrowing habits can actually cause instability problems for structures. Looking at available sources for manufacturing bioplastics geared toward a slow production process,… read more