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Creating eco-friendly robots

Image by Kristian Bjornard

When one thinks of an autonomous robot, one does not usually envision it being created out of paper, plastic, PVC, even cardboard. Yet, a few researchers are trying to change the way we think about robotics, and argue that its future is dependent on creating clean, eco-friendly machines. The image of the giant robot from the 1951 film ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ rings in my mind to this day. It was a mammoth machine, with power and capabilities way ahead of ours, even to this day. It’s not a practical design by today’s standards, and certainly won’t be… read more

Shrimp Is The New Plastic


A solution to the world’s plastic overload may have been found in a shrimp. Or actually, in the shrimp’s composition. A research team from the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University are on to something huge. They have developed an interesting procedure for making bioplastic that is completely biodegradable and could someday replace commercial plastics that are not sustainable. The process uses a substance called chitin, which is an abundant natural source that can be collected from certain shelled organisms. Examples of the organic material can be seen in the protective coverings on shrimp and other crustaceous… read more

Once Only Tea Set

Paper Tea Set Origami by Yuya vs. Design

Yuya vs. Design is a design studio based in The Netherlands, directed by Japanese designer Yuya Ushida. A graduate from renowned Design Academy of Eindhoven, Ushida creates objects using exclusively everyday materials and traditional building techniques. Born in 1975 in Nagoya, Japan, Yuya Ushida was the child of the manager of an ironworks and was constantly exposed to a creative busy environment. He always enjoyed making things with his hands and his motto is still “to make objects which make people happy” adding a playful critical edge to his designs. Ushida realized from an early stage that his own interest… read more

Woven Wicker Lighting Designs

Made in MIMBRE: Wicker Elegant Furniture From Chile

Chilean designers had joint local artisans to create a collection of furniture that is both, sustainable and gorgeous. Made from locally sourced mimbre (wicker), the Made in MIMBRE includes woven lamps, tables and seats all made from the dried plant material. Biodegradable and compostable, the elegant furniture collection is an initiative from The Andes House, a not-for-profit social project that aims to add thoughtful modern design to traditional handcrafting techniques. Local artisans make these design wonders from a town called Chimbarongo, near Chile‘s bustling capital Santiago. The town, which is well known for their history on mimbre crafts and exceptional geographical… read more

Microbial Fuel Cell Breakthrough

Microbial Fuel Cells

The microbial fuel cell creates energy as it cleans waste water. As bacteria oxidizes organic matter, electrons are produced and run from an anode to a cathode within the fuel cell to create an electric current. What does this mean for wastewater?  This technology could power waste treatment plants and enable them to sell electricity from an organic source. The new technology developed at Ohio State Uuniversity can now produce 10 to 50 more times the electricity, per volume, than most other approaches using microbial fuel cells, and 100 times more electricity than some. Experts estimate that about 3 percent… read more

Product Replaces Disposable Plastic Straw

Product Replaces Disposable Plastic Straw

Disposable dishes, like paper plates and plastic cups, are big money for their manufacturers, but they are also big on waste. One toss away product that may often be overlooked is drinking straws. Drinking straws became more popular with the onset of the industrial revolution in the 1800’s, and their designs have subsequently become more readily available for home use. Some of the earliest known indications that people from other eras used drinking straws were found when an artifact from a Sumerian tomb was uncovered that was dated from around 3,000 B.C. According to family based business Simply Straws, 500 million plastic straws are thrown… read more

Artful Integrations that Elevate Nature


The following sculptural installations function to enhance human interactions with the natural environment and how it is viewed. In concept, these structures are not far off from lookout point telescopes. But today, designers are going further to encourage a higher frequency of outdoor excursions, which promise to offer wandering patrons a different perspective with each trip. Aurland Lookout Born from the creative collaboration of Todd Saunders and Tommie Wilhemsen, the Aurland Lookout promises uncompromising aerial views of the municipality for which it is named. The blond ledge extends far beyond the natural precipice, but is guarded with a thin, transparent… read more

Convertible Dresses – Good For Budgets And Boredom

Convertible Dresses – Good For Budgets And Boredom

Convertible fashions offer more ways to wear an item and can add both utilitarian and fun elements to a wardrobe. Several designers wanting to offer their customers versatile pieces in addition to ecofriendly choices in fabrics are adopting the conventional convertible dress and giving it an ecological makeover. Here are a few examples of adaptable clothing options and how they can be recreated in different looks. This 5 in 1 dress from Thieves Boutique offers a multifaceted style that even allows sleeves to be worn several different ways. Watch the demo and learn how the dress can be effortlessly changed around: The… read more

Extreme Green Designs


The global move towards sustainability has instigated a burst of creativity and innovation amongst all sectors of design. Whether you seek an efficient alternative to conventional transport or wish to port around humanely crafted fashions, chances are, you’ll be presented with at least a handful options that were invented with the merits of sustainability in mind. Thus, the idea of a green market may not be new to you. There are within each branch of design, however, notable exceptions that boarder on the bizarre.   Bacteria Clothing Biocouture is a UK based design consultant agency, who specializes in merging science… read more

The Living Room Project

The Living Room Project

Growing, living things are all around us. Industrial design students Merjan Tara Sisman and Brian McClellan have taken note of this, and fused the scientific laboratory with furniture design creating an experiment with an interesting outcome. Their brainchild, The Living Room Project, shows how living organisms can be manipulated and engineered into specific shapes. While they were looking into different organisms for their thesis project, they stumbled upon the unique rooting structure of mushrooms. Forming mycelium, or mushroom roots, into various shapes may sound complicated and a little peculiar, but the completely natural process is actually fairly simple. Looking into the way… read more