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Bioclimatic Home Creates An Outdoor Connection

Bioclimatic Home Creates An Outdoor Connection

Bioclimatic homes can offer many benefits suited to their specific locations. Bioclimatic designs take into account the building site’s regional climate and matches architectural features that will benefit the space. Working with the average temperature in mind, structures and elements are laid out in specific ways as to conserve energy. One residence in France showcases a bioclimatic design with all the visual trimmings. From a.typique Patrice Bideau Architects, this home located on a beautiful shoreline has impressive green features. Constructed from wood and concrete, the home incorporates several low energy techniques including thermodynamic heating, a highly efficient hot water tank… read more

Yin Yang House Provides A Near Net Zero Design

Yin Yang House Provides A Near Net-Zero Design

Located in Venice, California, a team of designers, architects, contractors and solar setups turned a resident remodel into a family home and office combination that is a near record breaker on the efficiency scale. Called the Yin Yang House, it has enough green features to make sustainable design lovers drool. The massive renovation was assembled from fully reused or highly recycled content and local materials. Only ethically gathered woods were used in both indoor and exterior finishes, and there was also a focus on reduced chemical usage with all surfaces. Additionally, during the building process at least 80% of the… read more