TAG: Bio-engineering

Robotic Muscle Thousand Times Stronger Than Humans


Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have invented a robotic “muscle” that’s 1,000 times stronger than human muscle. It’s an incredible creation, and could allow the muscle to lift and throw an object 50 times its weight and five times its length. Here’s a short video demoing the muscle: If the muscle performs as expected, it could be used in everything from robots to human prosthetic limbs, as well as exo-skeleton machines for the military. Individuals with damaged muscles would finally be able to function normally again, and those born without limbs and/or individuals who’ve… read more

Skate-Boards Made From Carrots


Biocouture, renowned for their merging of science and design, including textiles fashioned from bacteria, teamed with German skateboard company Wefunk – as posted on their website’s official ‘aetlier’ blog. The outcome, though currently evasive in the media sphere, manifests as a long-board comprised of cellulose derived from carrot crop waste. The project was completed with the help of CelluComp and Wefunk designer, Alex Luxat. The former is a new material science company based in Scotland. They supplied the project with the materials, made primarily from carrot waste (though the waste of other root vegetables are used also), which they call… read more