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The Gates Foundation Wants Your Big Idea


Ever since Bill Gates and his wife Melinda founded the Gates Foundation, it’s been a beacon of hope, innovation, and charity for thousands across the world. A few years ago, they came up with the ‘Grand Challenges’ competition, which is essentially a soap-box platform for big thinkers. Each year, the foundation selects a few visionaries to receive a $100,000 grant to start their initiative. If their plan is successful, they can potentially receive another $1,000,000 grant later down the road. All are welcome to submit ideas covering a wide range of topics, such as healthcare, technology, energy, and more. Take… read more

Famous Entrepreneurs Help Save The World

Richard Branson in front of a Virgin Plane

The majority of the successful entrepreneurs we hear about everyday didn’t receive their wealth or fame by advocating on behalf of our planet, but some of the most notable in the business world are so popular for this very reason. Depending on their industry, branching out to matters of ecological concern would seem rather out of place, though not unwelcome. Then again, if you’re a few of the names below, this would seem completely in character for you. Blacklemag is proud to present a list of wealthy individuals we feel are doing their part to clean up our planet. Sir… read more

Bill Gates On The Future Of Energy

Bill Gates

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and one of the engineers of our modern world, has a lot to say about the future. An area he’s particularly interested in is energy. Here’s a discussion he had with the Wall Street Journal at the 2012 ECO:nomics Conference. Some of the important topics discussed include climate change, alternative fuel, nuclear energy, and energy usage.

The $6 Million Dollar Toilet

Reinvent the Toilet

Sanitation is still a major problem in many parts of the world, especially in developing countries. The World Health Organization and UNICEF have released a report stating that about 2.3 billion people, which is approximately 40% of the world’s population, lack access to safe sanitation. UNICEF estimates that 1.5 million children die every year because of poor sanitation which causes diarrohea and other deadly diseases. A contest titled “Reinvent the Toilet” funded by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation granted more than $6 million dollar to design self-sufficient toilets that could be used in developing countries. Many leading universities designed models… read more