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Portable Motor Turns Share Bikes into Electric Bikes

Portable Motor Turns Share Bikes into Electric Bikes

For those who regularly ride bikes from bike sharing programs, an upcoming product promises to help you get around quicker and with less effort, by turning a share bike into an electric bike. Many of the major bike sharing programs use the exact same bikes, which tend to be heavy and require a good amount of effort to pedal, especially when riding up hills or inclines. If you’re riding one of those bikes to work, you might arrive quite sweaty and out of breath, unless you have a little extra leverage, such as a portable electric motor that can convert… read more

NYC Bike Share Program

Line of bikes in NYC

Last year, Citigroup Inc. paid $41 million to New York City to sponsor their new bike renting program; one of the first of its kind in the United States, and one of the largest initiatives in the world. Starting last summer, 10,000 bikes with Citigroup’s logo on them were placed at 600 docking stations around Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island. Considering that the majority of New York City’s workers live within 5km of their workplace, this program makes sense as a viable option to provide low-cost transportation to those in need, while making efforts to reduce pollution levels. Essentially, the… read more