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YBIKE Evolve is a 3-in-1 Kids Bike Combo

YBIKE Evolve is a 3-in-1 Kids Bike Combo

Perhaps the greenest and most efficient mode of transportation we’ve come up with yet isn’t something new and high-tech, but rather the humble bicycle, and a new version of a kids starter bike can help get your young ones up and rolling in no time. The YBIKE Evolve is a 3-in-1 pedal trike and balance bike combo that can evolve along with the child’s ability, giving them an early headstart in cycling. For the youngest, the YBIKE can be pedaled as a tricycle, giving them the ability to be self-powered across the floor or down the sidewalk. Once they’re a… read more

Alternatives To Driving

Alternatives to Driving

Each summer, gas prices seem to increase whilst our daily commutes get longer. Sure, the electric vehicle market is growing exponentially, but that doesn’t mean we have the money to just go out and buy a Nissan Leaf or a Tesla Model S. It’s time to think smart, and think conservatively. Just because you can’t drive everywhere doesn’t mean the alternative can’t be creative. Do you enjoy rollerblading? Biking? Walking, even? Then this should be the easiest conversation you’ve ever had with yourself. If you live in New York City, check out the NYC rent-a-bike program. It’s cheap, it’s simple,… read more

Collapsible Bike Helmets Can Shrink by 50%


One of the problems with wearing a standard helmet for bicycle commuting is the question of what you’re going to do with it when you’re not on your bike. Once you get safely to your destination, it’s served its purpose and can be stashed somewhere until you need it again, but until now, there really hasn’t been a good solution for that, unless you count strapping it onto the side of your backpack or stuffing it under your desk. But thanks to a new bike helmet design from Closca, urban riders can take off their helmet and collapse it down… read more

The Power Of Your Sweat

Working Out

What does a gym provide? People sweat and in turn it helps them get fit and healthy. But have you ever heard of a gym that produces power? Gyms in Manhattan now have stationary bikes which are pedaled by club members, who are not just keeping themselves fit but also helping to produce power. This bike looks like traditional bikes found in gyms and clubs, but it has a tall black box with wires connected to it which is nothing but a compact generator that converts the mechanical wheeling motion of the bike into electric power. This can now be used in the… read more

Solar-Pedal Hybrid Transforms Urban Transport

ELF Solar/Pedal Hybrid

With rising fuel prices and increased concern about reducing emissions, greener vehicles are getting a lot of attention right now, but most of them are conventional autos with hybrid systems, or small fuel-efficient engines, all of which are expensive to own and operate. If you need an affordable and efficient urban vehicle that is also powered by renewable energy, a new type of hybrid is hitting the market soon – a solar/pedal hybrid, called the ELF. The ELF, from Organic Transport, is a unique three-wheeled urban commuter vehicle with an integrated 60 W solar panel system for recharging the internal… read more

Sporty Swiss E-bike Tops 30 MPH

Stromer ST1

More and more people are choosing bicycles for transportation these days, and some of those are commuters who are using e-bikes for their daily ride. Making the switch to an electric bike can make a lot of sense for some riders, and so a growing number of companies are producing their own version of an electric bike, such as this one, by the Swiss company Stromer. Stromer’s ST1 doesn’t look like an e-bike at first glance, as there is nothing obviously different about it, and the design looks like it would be right at home among a bunch of other… read more

15 New Year’s Resolutions

2013 New Years Resolutions

We are just hours away from the new year so it’s time to make promises about how we’ll better ourselves in the year ahead. Some resolutions are small and others are a lifelong challenge. More New Year’s resolutions are broken than kept every year, especially if they are not whole hearted decisions. Going green is a great way to start off the new year. Choose a few specific ways to green your life in 2013. Below are 15 suggestions to get you started. 1. Stop using paper and plastic bags all together. Start carrying at least one reusable bag with… read more

The US To Embrace Biking?

Cycling in the City

As a potential solution to combat the rising dangers and costs associated with climate change, many have advocated for a biking revolution in America, similar to European biking cultures such as Amsterdam and Copenhagen. The benefits are numerous: less traffic on the roads making it easier for public and commercial transportation to get where they need to go; less carbon emissions from vehicles; a healthier population; cheaper fuel costs, etc. There are problems associated with a biking revolution, but most of those are logistical issues such as bike paths and how to incorporate travel via bicycle into the current transportation… read more

Zipcar for scooters

Scoot Networks

A startup called Scoot Networks has launched a Zipcar-style sharing network for electric scooters. The company is a graduate of the Greenstart accelerator program which is focused on incubating startups in the intersection of green and IT. Scoot Networks is building a fleet of smart-phone-enabled, 30 MPH (50 km/h), electric, Vespa-style scooters offered in a convenient, bicycle sharing-type system. They will be available on-demand throughout major cities and priced competitively with taxis and public transit. Shared electric motor-scooters have the optimal combination of speed, cost, convenience, and sustainability for the BILLIONS of intra-urban trips that take place every day in… read more

Best new electric bike


Get to the office grease and sweat free on a lightweight, folding electric bike