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Rugged Waterproof Battery Offers High Capacity, Small Size

Rugged Waterproof Battery Offers High Capacity, Small Size

If you’re looking for a rugged backup battery for your mobile devices, and one that has a whole lot of features packed into a tiny form factor, including being dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof, then you’ll want to take a closer look at the latest offering from Limefuel. If you live an active lifestyle, and are hard on your gear, the company’s newest model, the Rugged L150XR, just might be the offroad and offgrid portable power supply for you. Weighing in at just 13 oz, and measuring just 5.5″ x 3.27″ x 1″, this little device packs a lot of juice… read more

Power Your Phone with Kinetic Energy from Your Run

Power Your Phone with the Kinetic Energy from Your Run

Our gadget-centric culture has one big weak link, which is power storage. If you’re not near an outlet (and have time on your hands), or have a backup battery with you, when your device’s battery is dead, you’re out of luck. Wouldn’t it be great if you could harvest and use the energy from your movements to power your gadgets? You could go for your morning run or workout, and then transfer that kinetic energy to your smartphone, providing a full day’s charge with the power of your own body’s movement. In the near future, that could be a viable… read more

Two Weeks of Portable Power in Your Pocket

Two Weeks of Portable Power in Your Pocket

In the near future, you could be carrying a portable power plant in your pocket that can provide all of the power you need to recharge your smartphone for a full two weeks, without ever needing to be plugged in. The new technology, which is based on thin-film Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) technology, but with a proprietary twist, is in the works in the form of a handheld charging device called the Nectar, capable of producing 55,000 mWh of energy from a single cartridge. “To the consumer, it is like having a wall outlet in their pocket. The Power… read more

Combined Wind and Solar Energy Charger


This gadget is a triple-treat for off-grid power, being capable of charging via an AC wall outlet or USB connection before you go, or with wind and solar power while out in the field. The Kinesis Industries K3 Charger has a large rechargeable lithium-ion battery inside it (4000 mAh), that can be used to power just about any mobile devices, from phones to music players to GPS units or cameras. The unit has adapter tips for various devices, and can be stood up, laid down, or hung, making it versatile and easy to use. K3 Specs: Nominal DC Output: 5V… read more

Voltmaker Taps Kinetic Energy for Charging


When you get stuck with a dead battery in your smartphone or other mobile device during the day, having an emergency power source or backup battery means that you won’t have to do without. And this kinetic charger not only provides a backup source of power, but it can also charge itself up, again and again. The Voltmaker is an ingenious little device, weighing just over half a pound and incorporating a 2000 mAh Lithium battery and a kinetic charging charging system, for easy access to power on-the-go. The internal battery can be charged up via the wall outlet or… read more

ReadySet Solar Kit Funds Power for All


The Fenix ReadySet solar kit is not only a great choice for off-grid power in the developing world, but because of our digital lifestyle, can be the perfect addition for meeting our emergency and outdoor power needs. The ReadySet charges with a solar panel (or other input, including house current), and then stores and provides enough energy to power lighting, charge cellphones, or even run an iPad for over 12 hours. Originally designed for the demanding environment of Africa, the robust 54 watt-hour system is built to stand up to being used every day, and can serve as a renewable… read more

This Sleeping Bag Charges Your Phone


We’ve seen charging devices that generate electricity from all kinds of different sources, from fuel cells to kinetic energy to solar power, but this one might be the first of its kind, as it’s designed to produce a charge from the heat of your body as you sleep. Mobile phone company Vodafone, in conjunction with the Electronics and Computer Science Department of the University of Southampton, have developed a sleeping bag that can turn the temperature differential between the inside of the bag and the outside of it into usable electricity that can charge gadgets while you sleep. The sleeping… read more

HALO Fuel Cell Cooks Dinner, Charges Gadgets

HALO Fuel Cell Cooks Dinner, Charges Gadgets

If you’re looking for a portable and lightweight power station to charge your gadgets on your forays into the backcountry or off of the grid, this compact fuel cell just might be the ticket. The HALO Fuel Cell uses standard campstove fuel canisters to generate electricity for your electronics, at the same time you’re cooking dinner, and could be the perfect addition to a bug-out bag, emergency preparedness kit, or outdoors adventure outfit. The device uses Point Source Power’s M-SOFC fuel cell technology, which is both robust and rugged, as well as claiming a very long usable life: “M-SOFC cells… read more

A Motorcycle That Charges In 10 Minutes

Nivach Electric Motorbike

Nobody likes waiting for things anymore. It’s not that we’ve lost our patience, it’s just that we’ve become accustomed to getting things when we want them. You press a button, your computer turns on. You ask a question, Google Now gives you the answer. You want food, McDonald’s is right around the corner. The general idea is that we’re speeding up our society. Is that a good thing? Is it a bad thing? Only time will tell. Currently, pumping gasoline into your vehicle is the primary fuel source for the majority of our vehicles. For those few that have upgraded… read more

New EV Charger Drastically Cuts Charging Times


The launch of a new electric vehicle charging system from an Australian company might radically change the perception of electric cars. The new Veefil charger, from Tritium, is said to be capable of effectively charging electric vehicle batteries extremely quickly – as much as 20 times faster than standard home outlet charging. Up until recently, one of the drawbacks to electric vehicles has been the limited range and the time needed to recharge the batteries, and while this new charging system won’t necessarily extend the range of a vehicle, it could effectively increase the usability of the car by fast… read more