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The Resurgence of Building Basics

Nature's Own

What comes from nature can be returned to nature without harm to the environment. This is the comcept behind “living” houses, whose designs incorporate (if not consisting of completely) natural, low tech materials. Natural materials have been used in building construction since ancient times and are now part of a resurgence as sustainability becomes necessary and desirable. In fact, about half of the world’s population currently lives or works in a building constructed from earth based materials. There are numerous raw materials being used in sustainable home designs today, but we’ll focus on the main four. Those being: tree bark, adobe, rammed Earth, and straw…. read more

Dark Chocolate Bark

Chocolate bark with nuts and fruit

We know that dark chocolate contains all kinds of health benefits, lucky for us. It can be eaten alone or you can pair it with other foods to get a double punch of health benefits and deliciousness. Dark chocolate bark is an easy to make treat that is more than easy to eat. Start with quality fair trade dark chocolate (about 8 ounces, or 225 grams, will make a thinner layer of bark, or you can double this for a thicker layer) and melt over very low heat in a double boiler, or place chocolate in a tall heat proof… read more