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Baking Soda For Healing

Baking Soda For Healing

Baking soda has been a staple in cleaning and baking for years. However, this basic product has a place in medicinal practices as well. It is often applied in simple powder form or as a paste with the addition of water. So if any of the following ailments are giving you grief, you may want to dig around your pantry and take advantage of baking soda’s healing properties. Canker Sores – Make a rinse by dissolving 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in a half glass of water. Swish this solution around in your mouth and rinse. If needed, repeat every few hours until the sore… read more

Green Spring Cleaning

Cleaning with natural products

When sunny days beckon the longing to be outdoors more, the opportunity for getting things organized inside begins to present itself. If your home, like many, has forgotten about projects and covert locations where dust has stockpiled, spring cleaning is a productive housekeeping ritual to adopt. The first step to a cleaner home is to inspect the cleaners already on hand. Toxic chemicals may in fact clean, but they can also offer health hazards that aren’t wanted. It isn’t necessary to have a separate product for every household chore, and most of the time money-saving, natural cleaning solutions can be concocted… read more

Benefits of Baking Soda

Baking soda

Old wives tales have been around for years for the simple reason, they work. You can get countless products in extravagant packaging, however some of the best products are the simplest. Bicarbonate soda is a chemical salt and a leavening agent usually used in cooking. There are also so many other uses for the versatile product. Teeth – There’s some serious chemicals out there for cleaning and whitening your teeth. Bicarb doesn’t taste the best, however it leaves your teeth so clean. Use as you would a normal toothpaste. Breath – Freshen your breath with a little baking soda and… read more