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Cool DIY Baby Projects

Cool DIY Baby Projects

Babies, with all of their splendid cuteness, need lots of stuff. Making sure they have all of the necessities to get them through their first few months can quickly become expensive. While it can be fun to pick out nursery items and layettes, what isn’t so cheerful is purchasing many high priced needs only to find out that they will be outgrown just as fast as they came out of the packaging. Or worse, to find out that what you have brought home for baby can actually be harmful. Surprising levels of hazardous substances can be found in baby items and… read more

Natural Baby Treatments

Natural Baby Treatments

If a little one is in your care you probably have dealt with product overload and label reading, and lots of it. It seems there are tons of chemicals in everyday items, and baby products are unfortunately no exception. Instead of resorting to shelf anxiety, there are a few natural methods you can turn to for basic therapies. Infant massage can work wonders for cranky babies. It is good for sore muscles and can help with stomach aches. It is also a source of relaxation, for both of you. Massage should unwind a fussy baby, but be sure to check with… read more

Is Your Baby As Safe As You’d Like?

Keeping Baby Safe

Although we no longer have to worry about lead exposure and poisoning from pencils, there are still measures that have to be taken to decrease your child’s exposure to toxins and other harmful substances. Hot tap water, for instance, tends to loosen all the grime in the faucet and carry them into your cup. Yet many people either fill their baby’s bottles with hot tap water or microwave cold tap water. The latter increases your infant’s radiation exposure among other things. To be safe of both, fill your baby’s bottle with cold or room temperature water that has been boiled… read more

Embryo Research

Playing God with embryos

In the United States, researchers at the Oregon Health & Sciences University announced that they have successfully created an embryo with genes from one male and two females. This controversial technique is believed to one day prevent babies from birthing with incurable diseases. British researchers in 2008 were the first to announce this medical breakthrough, though it was a very early attempt, and virtually zero safety measures were in place to justify large-scale implementation. Due to the nature of this breakthrough, the British government asked for public opinion on the provocative procedure before deciding on whether or not to continue. Headlines… read more

BPA health risks

BPA health risks plastic bottles

Some say they are harmful, some say they are not. Who should we trust?