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The Goldman Environmental Prize


Each year, the Goldman Environmental Prize is awarded to a small group of filmmakers whose films impact and drive change in the eco-industry. This prize is equivalent to winning a Nobel Peace Prize for filmmakers, and includes $150,000 in prize money. The prize was created by Richard N. Goldman and his wife, Rhoda H. Goldman. Both dedicated their lives to the cause of environmental awareness, and decided that they could offer a means of rewarding those in the field of ecological comprehension. The six winners of this years Prize directed films that targeted fracking, created public awareness campaigns against incinerators,… read more

Earth Friendly Actions Are Awarded

Eco Awards

Health and environmental effects from manmade poisons like lead, mercury and nuclear radiation just to name a few, have left unfortunate lasting impressions in history. The environment has long been a concern, and there haven’t always been accolades for those who try to make differences in pressing issues. Finding innovative ways to make a real impact in the lives of others while meeting environmentally conscious requirements deserves recognition. Below are a few examples of green awards that distinguish those who see a need and fulfill it with earth friendly actions. 1. The Energy Globe awards were started in 1999. This… read more

Top Young Scientist Award

Polluted water

Brilliant minds are not limited by age and neither is caring for others. The top young scientist has been crowned for 2012. The 14-year-old school student from New Hampshire, Deepika Kurup, was named “America’s Top Young Scientist” for inventing a solar-powered water jug that has the ability to change dirty water into a purified drinking water. Deepika Kurup did not only surpass 9 other finalists with her science and math skills to win $25,000 from Discovery Education and 3M. Kurup persuaded the judges with a fantastic five minute long, live presentation about the difficulty of a billion less fortunate people… read more