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Apple Meets With Tesla; Proposes New Ventures


Over the span of the past 18 or so months, Apple has been meeting with Tesla, and reportedly considered purchasing the electric car company. Tesla, a pioneer in the automotive industry, won Motor Trend’sĀ Car of The Year award in 2013, bringing them to the forefront of eco technology. Apple, listed as the 4th greenest company by the EPA, appears to be looking at expanding their foray into the ecological market. Among the news of the important meeting between Apple CEO Tim Cook and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Apple is reportedly looking into the development of technology that could predict heart… read more

Classy Makeovers At Studio Tinman


Acknowledging that new materials are not always the best choice, this artist reuses automobile and motorcycle scraps to make high end new pieces that still hold their classic details. Ronen Tinman of Studio Tinman utilizes junkyards to find his materials, stating that once he sees a compatible piece he can almost immediately visualize the new design that can be created. His pieces are smooth and artful, but they are also functional. The artist stated a background in mechanical engineering played a role in his current interest. Incorporating many different trades, for instance welding, painting and restorative techniques he is able… read more

Rent Cars by the Minute


Car2go is a German company that allows drivers to hire cars by the minute. Depleting the need to justify an hourly rate with moderate to long distance travel. Instead, cars can be utilized for shorter trips when walking is impractical and public transport, inaccessible. As with mid-distance commutes to work and last minute trips to the grocery store. Car2go has vehicles deposited throughout participating cities, all which can be found through an app and reserved online in as little as 30 minutes in advance. If you’re not making a reservation, simply use any of the car2go vehicles closest to you…. read more

Zipcar a More Efficient Choice for Drivers


For every Zipcar vehicle used, 15 personally-owned cars are taken off the road. Zipcar, which was founded in 2000, is a US-based shared-transport program wherein drivers can reserve a car for use for either a monthly-rate or per-use fee. The program depletes the need to own a car and allows driversĀ  access to a vehicle on an as-needed basis. Often reservations can be made the same day. It is expected that 10 percent of populations will adopt shared-transport in the future. Shared transport is often a cheaper alternative to car-ownership, depleting the cost of insurance, maintenance, and even gas. Drivers… read more

Inventing an Accessible Electric Car


  Electricity was the first energy source to power automobiles in America, proceeding steam-power and gasoline. Even after the implementation of combustion engines, affinity for electric carriages remained high for several years as they were favored for their lack of noise and pollution.   So why the switch to fossil fuels? Convenience certainly comprises a large part of the equation, as car models with combustion engines began to cost less than their electrically-charged competitors, particularly around the time Ford began to mass produce them. Prices then varied from 500-1,000 USD for a car that ran on gasoline, compared to 1,000-plus… read more

Quick Tips To Green Up Your Car


Seeing cars spew pollution from their tailpipes is a sad sight. It’s even worse if you know that awful polluted smell is coming from your vehicle. Take a look at these simple, quick solutions to make your car more eco-friendly on the road. Get A Tune-Up Making sure you’re keeping constant maintenance of your engine goes a long way towards reducing the levels of pollution your car puts out. It can also increase your mileage, and keep your car running longer and healthier. Remove Your Roof Rack If you’re not using it, then why keep it on there? Roof racks… read more

Mobile Lightweight Takes Load off Automobiles


The technology entrapped in the slender pane through which millions view their Smartphone screen display will soon be utilized to make automobiles lighter and thus, improve fuel economy. Corning’s Gorilla Glass is a strong yet pliable glass that is currently used on 1.5 billion electronic devices worldwide. With Gorilla Glass, Corning developed a new atomic composition for glass that has contributes less damage to the environment than competitor materials like Sapphire Glass, which is not actually glass but a crystalline material. First launched in 2007, the company has introduced three versions of the material. All of them greatly improve the… read more