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Driverless Cars On The Way

Driverless Cars

A few weeks ago, California became the second state behind Nevada to legalize driverless cars. While this has virtually no present day effect, in the future, car manufacturers who plan on integrating this technology into their products will depend on this law. And the fact that two very large states are willing to plan for the future is great for the tech industry as a whole. Currently, our best hope as consumers to one day purchase an automatic car rests with Google Inc, who have been street testing their small fleet of driverless cars for the past year in Nevada…. read more

A Day in the Life of 2025

Living in the future

6.45 A.M. A beeping bedside alarm awakens you. Sunlight peeks in through the glass window, temporarily blinding your unadjusted eyes, but with a quick swipe of your hand, the glass becomes opaque, simultaneously turning on a dim bedroom light. In the kitchen, you hear the coffeemaker spring to life, perfectly synced with the alarm clock. 7:30 A.M. Your electric car hummed on 10 minutes ago, pre-programmed to cool the interior, check the weather, and update the GPS before your trip. Today, you’re heading into the city for an important meeting with a client. Your car alerts you that traffic is… read more