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NASA’s Vegan Garden

Photography by NASA

U.S. astronauts living and working aboard the International Space Station will receive a newly developed Vegetable Production System. NASA is currently working on VEGGIE, which is an idea to for fast growing vegan farms to be used in space. VEGGIE is set to launch aboard SpaceX’s Dragon capsule on NASA’s third Commercial Resupply Services mission this year. Imagine that! A vegetable garden in space. “Our hope is that even though VEGGIE is not a highly complex plant growth apparatus, it will allow the crew to rapidly grow vegetables using a fairly simple nutrient and water delivery approach,” said Howard Levine,… read more

100 Year Starship

Space travel

A group of intrepid scientists, entrepreneurs, and adventuresome individuals have teamed up to create a daring new plan to transport humanity out of our Solar System and into the oceans of the Cosmos. It’s called the 100 Year Starship Initiative, and it has attracted a lot of national attention recently. Many heavy-hitters in the political and business world have joined the initiative, bringing financial and social renown along with them as the project begins its first stage in planning and development. Former Astronaut Mae Jemison, the founder of the Dorothy Jemison Foundation For Excellence, won a bid through the Defense… read more