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Set the Date For Change


Words can start a revolution, change the course of a life, and bring mass attention to social injustice. Utilizing one of civilization’s strongest tools is 100 Thousand Poets for Change, an annual event on September 28, which takes place essentially everywhere. Despite the name, it is an all-inclusive event, with both poets and non-poets coming together to bring awareness to current political and social issues. All the while promoting the need for cultural change, including the move to a more sustainable future. This is achieved through organized gatherings scattered throughout multiple countries across the globe. Events are full of planned… read more

Art Piece Uses Industrial Design to Mimic Living System

Art Piece Uses Industrial Design to Mimic Living System

A new art installation at Espace EDF Fondation uses biomimetic components made from materials more associated with industrial design than with biology to create a “living” system. The piece, called Radiant Soil, is by architect Phillip Beesley, who describes it this way: Radiant Soil forms interlinking clouds of industrial design biomimetic components of polymer, metal and glass, arranged in suspended filter layers contain a near-living carbon-capture metabolism. Frond-clusters fitted with shape-memory alloy mechanisms react to viewers as they approach, flexing and setting off bursts of light that stimulate the protocells and trigger chains of motion that ripple throughout the environment…. read more

Thought Provoking Environmental Art By Agnes Denes

Thought Provoking Environmental Art By Agnes Denes

One hand in the sciences and one in the arts, the work of Agnes Denes also encompasses everything in between. An environmental poet who brings a universal message to life through her striking displays, Denes is an artist who helped initiate the ecological awareness movement. Her conceptual artwork is a mix of social sciences and conservation, and she can be contributed to being one of the first to introduce science into the art world. She is known for her hundreds of exhibitions and gallery showings, as well as her in your face, large scale visual field displays. In 1968 she… read more

The 48 Go Green International Film Comp


Each year, the Goldman Environmental Prize is awarded to a small group of eco-conscious filmmakers whose films affect change in the ecological industry. However, that prize is not the only way you can receive recognition for your contribution to the field of ecological science. The 48 Go Green International Eco Film Competition is a smaller-scale version of the Goldman Prize, but is given to more recipients, and offers a wider chance of having your project viewed by the masses. The idea is simple; together with a team, or performing solo by yourself, create an eco-conscious film in 48 hours that… read more

Keeping Arts & Crafts Alive

Swaziland's arts and crafts

Arts and crafts constitute the most popular tourist attraction in Swaziland. Tourists from lands near and far are a regular sighting at the many market places shopping for Swazi culture inspired souvenirs to take back home after their holiday is done. The traditional arts community relies heavily on the natural environment to create their art pieces. Many of these art pieces are made from raw materials found in nature such as trees, clay soil, animal hide, different types of grass, and varying types of stone. Like all manufacturers and producers that rely heavily on nature for their products, the art… read more