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Imitating the Power of Nature

Artificial Leaf

No matter how far into the future technology takes us, mankind has always been in awe of Nature. Modern computers and electronic devices may give us ideas and stimulate our imagination but it is always from Nature that we derive our greatest inspiration. Man built aircrafts and ships because we longed to conquer the air and the sea, like the creatures that inhabited those foreign landscapes. Solar energy is no exception. The Sun is a part of nature and we have always acknowledged its power and centrality to our own existence. The process of photosynthesis by which abundant solar energy is used to… read more

“Artificial Leaf” Produces Energy from Dirty Water, Can Self-Heal

Artificial Leaf

The world’s first practical “artificial leaf”, capable of producing clean energy from dirty water, has gained a new feature – that of being able to heal itself of any damage that occurs during energy production. The artificial leaf mimics the ability of real leaves to produce energy from sunlight and water, but this version breaks water down into hydrogen and oxygen, which can be collected and used as fuel to generate electricity in fuel cells. The leaf is a catalyst-coated wafer of silicon that is said to be able to turn one quart of drinking water into 100 watts of… read more