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Turn Junk Into Artful Installations


Many items commonly identified as junkyard fodder can be salvaged and converted into unique decorations around your yard. In doing so, these aged possessions stand proud as personal relics in which you can fondly look upon with cherished memories. Cars can, for example,  be filled with living hood ornaments, just as the one above. If you have a working car that isn’t in use, you can fill the trunk with plants instead, creating a portable garden that you can cruise through the neighborhood like your own, personal parade float showcase. Though a crown of blooms is just as fetching. Along… read more

The Ethics of Living Art


  Art is one of the most integral components of human society. Beyond enriching our minds with culture, it prompts us to ask creative and ethical questions about the very cultures we presume to be enriched by. Some of the ways it achieves this is through satire, imitation, and speculation. Other times, though, it is the art itself that is subject to ridicule, functioning less as a display of current cultural trends and instead revealing today’s innovations – those with the inevitable possibility of altering our future. Whether such a future would be accepted by the majority remains in conflict…. read more

This Creepy “Singing Tree” Is Amazing


In England, they’re doing re-usability right. Sitting on the top of Crown Point in Lancashire, this “tree” made of tubes creates music on windy days. It’s a terrific example of science, ecology, and art coming together in unison. Each side of the pipe faces a different corner of the Earth, so it’s constantly making sound, provided there’s actually wind. Check out the semi-creepy/beautiful video below. This is the type of project you could also create yourself, with enough time and tubes lying around.

Found Art Finds Its Messenger

Found Art Finds Its Messenger

It is clear when an artist has an attachment to their work, and a driving need to create. What is also clear is when art is born for the sake of itself, and not only produced for profit or show. Isaiah Zagar is a mosaic artist whose talented dynamic is a mainstay for his Philadelphia, Pennsylvania community. Zagar has been making the city more colorful for several decades with his creative, hand placed murals. Over ten years ago he began to place his art, which can also be seen all over the city on murals and building facades, in a set of… read more

Artist “Plays” with Light and Shadow to Create Stunning Projections


Rashad Alakbarov is an Azerbaijan-born artist, who works mostly with unconventional materials. Assembling an assortment of seemingly random items, he manipulates their positions and the lighting so it will play off the objects to create brilliant shadow projections. When viewed posed together, the objects appear to be at conflict amongst each other. However, the resulting shapes harmonize to create scenes that are universally familiar. “Two Cities from One Point of View”, is a great example of such collaboration. The skylines of each cityscape are seamless and instantly recognizable, with the variance of spires and temples. Yet, while their differences are… read more

World’s Largest Bio-Wall Created In London


To combat flooding, and to attract even more tourism, designers in London created a “living wall” on the side of a luxury hotel. Over 10,000 plants have been added to the tapestry–16 tons worth in total. One of the lessons in this tapestry is that it shows how nature is both functional and artistic. www.fastcodesign.com The total mass of the tapestry covers 3,770 square-feet. You can check out a quick video below showing you more angles of the tapestry than we have pictures of. To learn how to make your own “living wall”, visit Plants On Walls.

Forest Thrives Inside Art Museum


A living forest is a labyrinth of complex interactions, harboring an array of biodiversity. How the resident organisms come together, and how they respond to human interference, is crucial to the health of these natural environments. A few things are required for the subsidence of a forest. Including proper light and irrigation, as well as the room to grow and deepen its roots. Often, it is difficult to source these things adequately enough through nature in areas abundant in artificial structures and human life, especially as the rate of city-dwellers increases. The proposed Andrea Branzi Maribor Art Museum, however, promises… read more

Textiles And Reused Rags Are Rich Traditions

Textiles And Reused Rags Are Rich Traditions

Reusing and recycling can take on many forms, and it isn’t always a choice. Sometimes it is a necessity. Resourceful designs and techniques can be found cross culturally, and some have gone beyond mastering the process of creative frugality. Textiles and fabrics provide an example of how scrap materials can be formed into useful and needed items. Peru is known for its long history of world renowned textile production. Crafting blankets and protective clothing for their families by spinning organic fibers, they evolved the weaving process and references to their methods can be seen in many different designs. Known for their… read more

When Science And Art Come Together


Science doesn’t always have to be visualized as the crunching of numbers and data, or a lab full of beakers and white coats. In fact, science is actually quite beautiful (as anyone who’s ever studied science says, “duh!”). Thanks to Fabian Oefner and TED, we have these stunning images of science in action. Check them out: A combustion of alcohol. Sound coming from the surface of speakers. Ferrofluid is a magnetic fluid that looks like this when combined with a magnetic surface and watercolor paint. A beautiful mixture of liquid and spray paint hanging in mid-air. Oil marbles sitting in… read more

Artful Integrations that Elevate Nature


The following sculptural installations function to enhance human interactions with the natural environment and how it is viewed. In concept, these structures are not far off from lookout point telescopes. But today, designers are going further to encourage a higher frequency of outdoor excursions, which promise to offer wandering patrons a different perspective with each trip. Aurland Lookout Born from the creative collaboration of Todd Saunders and Tommie Wilhemsen, the Aurland Lookout promises uncompromising aerial views of the municipality for which it is named. The blond ledge extends far beyond the natural precipice, but is guarded with a thin, transparent… read more