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Gardens in Motion


Joe Baldwin has conceived of a project that would see nature installed within train cars, allowing passengers to enjoy their own personal gardens whilst they travel. It comes as part of his Open-Air Public Transportation project. Baldwin, a graduate of UIC Art & Design, considers himself an artist of new media. The ‘new’ here referring not always to the materials used but new in concept. The plants are themselves from a sophisticated lineage, however, they are continually growing in new blooms, and thus, display a fresh perception of materials stemming from a primitive age. The Open-Air Public Transport project was… read more

Equality Inspired Public Designs

Equality Inspired Public Designs

Art exhibits and design statement pieces can be aesthetically appealing as well as carry significant messages. Whether through visual installations or exterior building features, showing a commitment to social equality can be displayed in several ways. One public art project called Under the Baobab was created by Pirate Technics. Their rendition of the African baobab tree and its symbolization formed soft, yet colorful pieces that were done for the community. Initially developed for London’s Festival of the World, local design students helped construct the visual, and it has also been used by storefronts to display their fabrics. The baobab tree, which is… read more