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Window On The Arctic

Window to Arctic

A new observatory at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean will help keeps tabs on the delicate environment of the far north. Canada’s University of Victoria, which runs the station has stated that the observatory will relay information continuously throughout the year for the first time ever. The observatory includes an underwater camera, microphone, and a device that can measure ice thickness, coupled with instruments to measure temperature, salinity, and other data that can be used to monitor the health of the environment. There is also an above-ground weather station to track local weather patterns and climate data. University of… read more

EPA Could Save Arctic

EPA Could Save Arctic

As the threat of climate change becomes an actuality and the polar ice caps begin to melt,┬áthe search for a viable solution to curb and combat global warming has intensified. The biggest obstacle, and there are many, to discerning legitimate strategies has been the national government of the particular area that is under scrutiny. In the United States, the federal government, specifically Congress, has been a thorn in the side of environmental advocacy groups. As expected, the inaction on domestic efforts to combat climate change has continued toward foreign efforts, especially in the Arctic Circle, which has been the subject… read more