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Upcycled Birdhouses


Online media has been fairly extensive in its coverage of arboreal retreats for humans. These branch supported houses are prolific for a reason, offering up alternate accommodations that are as intriguing as they are environmentally aware. But, perhaps due to the traditional sentiment of the season, I feel inclined to take a more conventional route and write now of avian spaces for our feathered friends instead. Why, what could be exciting about birdhouses that are for, well, birds? Are they not self-explanatory already? Let me tell you, these are no ordinary hideaways on sticks and poles. Though conventional in concept,… read more

Incredible Tree Houses


Arboreal abodes are, in themselves, quite fantastical. Appearing nearly as extensions of the very branches they rest upon, their presence alone conjures questions about the whimsical beings that live within. Though unquestionably part of a niche market, these houses can provide a new outlook on life. Even if you never choose to live within a sylvan hollow, a single day spent in arboreal accommodations can help to recenter your creative focus. Often, tree houses are constructed of materials that are both renewable and locally sourced. Furthermore, some may still be able to biodegrade, electrical installations aside, assuming they haven’t been… read more