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Apple Meets With Tesla; Proposes New Ventures


Over the span of the past 18 or so months, Apple has been meeting with Tesla, and reportedly considered purchasing the electric car company. Tesla, a pioneer in the automotive industry, won Motor Trend’s Car of The Year award in 2013, bringing them to the forefront of eco technology. Apple, listed as the 4th greenest company by the EPA, appears to be looking at expanding their foray into the ecological market. Among the news of the important meeting between Apple CEO Tim Cook and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Apple is reportedly looking into the development of technology that could predict heart… read more

Microsoft & Apple Among Top 10 Eco Companies


2014 has begun quite well thus far, although Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s unexpected death has slightly diminished its awesomeness. Nonetheless, the EPA has released their rankings for the top 30 companies with outstanding ecological focuses. Among them are Apple, Microsoft, and Google — three of the top competitors in the mobile and computing world. We’ve listed the top ten below. You can click the above link to view the rest. 1. Intel Corporation Intel makes computer chips, which in turn make the world go ’round. They’re noted for their use of biogass, biomass, small-hydro, solar, and wind. 2. Microsoft Corporation Microsoft… read more

Apple Celebrates 30 Years Of Innovation


Thirty years ago, Apple introduced the first commercial computing device that didn’t weigh 50 tons. It was revolutionary, and without those first inventions, we wouldn’t have the scope of technological gadgetry we have today. Apple’s innovations have helped researchers create smaller and smarter chips that power the technology found in electronic cars, solar power plants, the smartphone you’re probably reading this on, and much more. Along with Apple’s attention to creativity and detail, they’ve been able to bring us the most eco-friendly computers money can buy. They’ve also begun the mass exodus from wasteful CD’s and DVD’s to cloud entertainment… read more

Buy a tablet this Christmas


It’s the holiday season again, which means aggressive ad-campaigns from retailers, last-second decisions on gifts, and a month-and-a-half of stress. Looking for the gift that keeps on giving? Buy a computer tablet. These days (and for the past couple of years, to be honest), tablets have seriously stepped up their game to directly compete with PC’s, and now more than ever is the time to buy. Apple just came out with their new line of iPads: the 5th generation full-size iPad (now called the iPad Air), and a new iPad Mini w/Retina display. Google has another Nexus 7, Samsung has… read more

Motorola Is Creating The Future Of Smartphones


Earlier this year, we saw the debut of the ‘Phonebloks‘ concept, and dreamt of a day when such a device might exist. I’m excited to say that through Motorola, this reality may be coming to a store near you next year. It’s called ‘Project Ara‘, and Motorola claims to have been developing the idea for over a year (Ha, please). Anyways, they’ve teamed up with the creators of Phonebloks and will be sending developers a kit in a few months to start working on a beta version of the phone. So what’s the big deal? Essentially, the concept allows for… read more

Kinetic Energy + Rocking Chairs = Smart Seating

Kinetic Energy From Rocking Chairs Equals Smart Seating

Kinetic energy may be difficult to harvest on a large scale basis, and can be unreliable. However, in places where there is a constant barrage of motion it can be useful. Take for example, swings or rocking chairs. The way that rockers are designed are ideal for harnessing energy produced from motion and utilizing it. A clever idea for creating power from movement surfaced in a swing design a few years back. Ryan Klinger designed a glider style seat called Empower that captures energy from the rocking motion. Coming out a 2nd place winner among designs at the Greener Gadgets… read more

Apple Aims for 100% Renewable Energy

Apple's Maiden Center

As part of Apple’s efforts to reduce their environmental footprint, the tech giant has pledged to power all of its operations with renewable energy. Apple’s most recent environmental impact report indicates that they already power a number of their data centers exclusively with clean energy, and 75% of their worldwide corporate facilities are currently using renewable energy sources (up from just 35% in 2010). “We’ve already achieved 100 percent renewable energy at all of our data centers, at our facilities in Austin, Elk Grove, Cork, and Munich, and at our Infinite Loop campus in Cupertino. And for all of Apple’s… read more

Where Smartphones Came From

Smartphones 2012

In the smartphone world, Android and iOS have a clear and concise lead in the industry over competitors such as RIM (Blackberry) and Windows. This means that consumers’ decision on which device to purchase usually comes down to these two platform options. Over the years, smartphones have evolved to become integral parts of everyday life–a trend that first began with the iPhone. In 2007, Steve Jobs took to the stage and unveiled the first device of its kind: a touchscreen phone with enhanced performance capabilities, called the iPhone. Previously, the smartphone industry had been monopolized by Blackberry and similar companies…. read more

Tablet Computing

Tablet computing

The modern era of tablet dominance officially began when Apple Inc. introduced the iPad back in 2010. That initial launch paved the way for multiple tablet variations to hit the market, effectively presenting a challenger to the overshadowing PC industry. This year worldwide tablet sales are expected to reach 119 million so there are several reasons why you may want to consider joining the bandwagon. Some consumers and old-school hardliners still have a personal aversion to touchscreen devices. However, the reality stands that multitasking and productivity is much more efficiently accomplished through the use of touchscreen gadgets. This is true… read more