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City Spaces That Smile

City Spaces That Smile

If you have ever had to reside in a drab, concrete city space, you may appreciate the following residences that have a few sunny details that help liven up their look. Both individualistic and industrial, this uniquely presented Australian home is an original take on residential structures. From Of Diverse Research Architects, the exterior is partly dressed in corrugated sheet metal and has interesting angles and neat window positioning. Often, city lots lose out on room for the outdoors, but the architects were able to squeeze in an area between the building spaces. The rooftop deck offers a premium outside spot,… read more

The Canopy Tower Apartments Envelope Tenants in Nature


The Canopy is a concept apartment tower conceived by Boutique Designs, a Hong Kong based design agency, as a means of merging urban efficiency with nature. The project will achieve this through the tower’s optimized structure, designed to lower construction costs and simplify reproduction. The structure’s energy-efficient properties are acquired through implementation of a glass facade, which grants tenants 360-degree exposure to sunlight, and an AC compressor; in addition to the abundance of plant-life perching throughout both the building’s interior and exterior. Gracing the tower with more than sylvan beauty, the trees lend their talent for capturing pollutant particles in… read more

Architectual Oddities Fill-in City Gaps


Eradicating urban cavities across the likes of New York City and Helsinki, Live Between Buildings are slender apartments, set to be installed within the nooks and crannies of cramped city-scapes. Their 5-foot width and tactful design allow the apartments to rest snuggly within areas that are otherwise difficult to utilize. They also allow occupants to live in-between homes without any indications towards a transient lifestyle. Their proposal came about as part of the International Design Competition, NEW VISION OF THE LOFT 2, organized by FAKRO in collaboration with the magazine A10 European Architecture – having won the contest. The winning project… read more

Try Composting Indoors


Although an item may possess the ability to biodegrade, that does not ensure that it will. It is the environment that will either enable or prevent the bio-degradation of any object. Grapes and corncobs in decent shape have been found in landfills decades after they were thrown out. Whether or not an object is natural, the anaerobic environment of landfills are clearly not suited for the natural breakdown of organic waste. This is what makes composting important not only for the health of your garden, but as a measure of waste reduction. Even if you don’t own a yard, there… read more

NYC Micro Apartments

Prefab Apartment Complex

It’s an innovation in all categories of engineering, simplicity, affordability, art, and size. The adAPT NYC competition winning design is an entirely prefabricated apartment complex, with unique 250-370 sq feet apartment units. The building will be created in the Kips Bay area in Manhattan. nARCHITECTS, the designers of this award-winning project, call their project “My Micro NY.” The efficient building will have 55 micro units, prefabricated by Capsys in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and will connect together much like lego. The architects say that each unit will have both a “canvas” and a “toolbox” space, to be used for artistic… read more