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Winter Whites

Winter Whites

Wearing white in winter can celebrate the season, and some designers with an ecofriendly focus know how to do it right. These cold weather fashions were seen at the Vegan Eco Fashion Label Vaute Couture show this season. This dress was refashioned using recycled satin. An organic print shirt. From the founder of Vaute Couture designer Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, this vegan friendly coat is completely elegant. Vaute Couture, who partners with several animal rights and rescue organizations, uses low impact and ecologically conscious fabrics in their designs. Their Fair Trade and vegan selections use materials like bamboo jersey and organic cotton, moleskin and… read more

The Ethics of Living Art


  Art is one of the most integral components of human society. Beyond enriching our minds with culture, it prompts us to ask creative and ethical questions about the very cultures we presume to be enriched by. Some of the ways it achieves this is through satire, imitation, and speculation. Other times, though, it is the art itself that is subject to ridicule, functioning less as a display of current cultural trends and instead revealing today’s innovations – those with the inevitable possibility of altering our future. Whether such a future would be accepted by the majority remains in conflict…. read more

Festivals Driving Change

Festivals Raise Awareness

I was recently asked by a local university to write about festivals as a site for the development of social capital (building participation, kinship, participation and leadership within communities). As an environmentalist and aspiring sustainabilitarian, I’m particularly interested to explore the extent to which certain local and international festivals offer opportunities to raise environmental awareness and promote action for sustainability. Without delving too deeply into the associated literature, my initial thoughts are that festivals provide a lucrative context within which to position environmental education programs and social change messaging. I’m not convinced that festivals which refer to themselves as “environmental”… read more

Rhinos Could Be Extinct Within 20 Years

Rhino Poaching

The rhinoceros is one of nature’s most unique and beautiful beasts. It forms part of the so called ‘Big 5’ animals that are usually the main attraction in many Sub-Saharan Africa game reserves. The beauty of the rhino is also its curse, the horn it carries is synonymous to a death sentence for the beasts. The poaching watchdog website Stop Rhino Poaching reports that between 2008 to 17th July 2012 there have been 1 267 reported rhino poaching incidents in South Africa alone. Humane Society International further reports that the African black rhino is critically endangered, with a population of less… read more