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Where Does Dinner Really Come From?

Food Supply: Do We Want a Spotlight or Secrecy?

Where food comes from is a topic of interest to everyone. Recent reports and backlash have some U.S. legislators considering increased laws on covert inspections that highlight unethical treatment or unsanitary conditions at farms and agricultural operations. This has been a topic of recurring interest ranging from the agricultural industries to homes across the globe. Broadcasts like those on the ABC investigative news show Nightline have helped to bring to light deplorable situations revealed by animal rights groups like Mercy for Animals. Organized groups such as these often show undercover videos of some farm factories with unimaginable footage in order… read more

Rhinos Could Be Extinct Within 20 Years

Rhino Poaching

The rhinoceros is one of natureā€™s most unique and beautiful beasts. It forms part of the so called ‘Big 5’ animals that are usually the main attraction in many Sub-Saharan Africa game reserves. The beauty of the rhino is also its curse, the horn it carries is synonymous to a death sentence for the beasts. The poaching watchdog website Stop Rhino PoachingĀ reports that between 2008 to 17th July 2012 there have been 1 267 reported rhino poaching incidents in South Africa alone. Humane Society International further reports that the African black rhino is critically endangered, with a population of less… read more