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Fossil-Fuel Free Ammonia Process Produces Fuel from Air

Fossil-Fuel Free Ammonia Process Produces Fuel from Air

One of the fuels of the future could come from thin air, if a new technology pans out for producing ammonia from the atmosphere, without the need for any fossil-fuel feedstocks. While it’s mostly known for its use in agriculture as a fertilizer, ammonia (NH3) can be also be used as a cleaning agent, a refrigerant and as a fuel, powering engines such as that in the retrofitted Toyota GT86-R Marangoni Eco Explorer. But producing ammonia can be energy- and resource-intensive, most often created through heating coal or natural gas to use as a source for hydrogen, and then reacting… read more

Green and Gorgeous

Green hair dye

Many people assume that the beautiful have it easy. That glamour is for the blessed and deserved. That good things come to gods and goddesses effortlessly. Well, it may be so, however beauty can also come at a price. Preening oneself is an age-old tradition. Some cultures go to extreme lengths to adorn themselves with what they consider beautiful. Members of an African Shilluk Tribe are considered to look their best with body scarification. Shona witch doctors wear skins and beads. Kayan people wear neck coils from as young as two years old. All have an effect on the bearer… read more