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Shopping Online, The Green Way

Online shopping

The internet has revolutionized buying goods and shopping – with an internet connection and a credit card the latest products from around the world are just a click away. A  website was launched by Amazon, offering only eco-friendly products. www.vine.com only sells green products, apparel, accessories, organic foods, cleaning supplies to name a few. Vine.com strictly sells products which are either natural, organic, self-powering or products which make your home healthy. Products sold on vine.com are not labelled “natural” just as a marketing ploy. All the vendors who wish to sell products must verify that their products meet required standards and that… read more

Eco Friendly Robot Toy For Christmas


Still doing some last-minute shopping? Amazon has you covered up until Christmas day if you’re looking for that one unique toy to purchase for your child. Whether it’s last-day or late-day Christmas shopping, look no further than this tin can robot: You can buy the toy using this link. Essentially, it’s a small robot from 4M that teaches re-usability, conservation, responsibility, electronics, mechanics, and more. This is a perfect parent-child project to enjoy through the holidays, and a neat showoff gift your child can bring to school with them on show-and-tell day. If you need help with assembly, here’s a… read more

The Revolutionary Future Of E-Ink


E-Ink is a technology widely implemented and made popular by Amazon’s line of e-readers during the early 2000’s, with the Kindle Paperwhite being their latest model. The idea behind E-Ink is that computer displays can be created super cheap, super thin, and super energy-efficient (that’s a lot of “supers”!). Since the creation of computer screens, the industry has placed a major emphasis on creating “thin and light” displays. Just a couple of months ago, LG announced that they’d designed the world’s thinnest 1080p display, and at 2.2mm thin, it’s pretty incredible. Unfortunately, it’s not E-Ink, because quite frankly, the technology… read more

An E-Ink Screen Cover For Your Phone


Protecting your iPhone from damage is every owner’s prime directive. You paid way too much money for that kind of nonsense, so you decide to buy a screen protector from the store. The only problem is, you don’t know which one you like the best. My question to you is, why compromise? This E-Ink cover by Popslate allows you to change the back of your cover any time you want using the kind of E-Ink technology found in Amazon’s Kindle e-readers. Check out this video demo: E-Ink is an important new technology we’ll soon be seeing an influx of, with… read more

Amazon Goes Green

Eco-friendly website

Amazon has launched Vine.com, a new website that sells products that are entirely green and eco-friendly. Right now, that includes everything from home living, sports, babies, beauty, pets, and health and wellness amongst others. Since it is new, Vine is offering a 30% discount when the user chooses to shop at the new site. According to the New York Times, products on the site must fall into one of the following categories: they must be designed to remove toxins, be energy-efficient, natural, organic, powered by renewable energy, reusable, and made of sustainable materials or water-efficient. The site is not only about… read more