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What Smells? Deodorant and Possible Health Issues

What Smells? Deodorant and Possible Health Issues

Numerous research studies have been conducted on deodorants and whether or not they can cause health problems. Many outcomes have provided contradictory results, indicating that more research is needed in this area. The main active compounds found in deodorants and antiperspirants are normally aluminum based. They work by forming a barrier between the sweat ducts and the outer skin, therefore decreasing the appearance of sweat production. Some studies have suggested that these compounds are troublesome since they are continually reapplied and left on, and are capable of being absorbed through the skin and into the system. Some examinations have posed… read more

Lesser Known Benefits of Coffee


Many of us consume coffee in one form or another on a daily, if not hourly, basis. Of its multiple virtues, coffee is often desired for its aroma, flavor, and energy-boosting properties. Beyond that, we’ve known that coffee reduces the risks of cancer and type 2 diabetes. It also makes you smarter, temporarily at least, by blocking the neurotransmitters that make you sleepy and thus, functioning at a lower cognitive level. Indeed, some may believe the benefits of coffee to be bottomless. But until we decipher them all, here are a few of coffee’s lesser known affects on the human… read more