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Fossil-Fuel Free Ammonia Process Produces Fuel from Air

Fossil-Fuel Free Ammonia Process Produces Fuel from Air

One of the fuels of the future could come from thin air, if a new technology pans out for producing ammonia from the atmosphere, without the need for any fossil-fuel feedstocks. While it’s mostly known for its use in agriculture as a fertilizer, ammonia (NH3) can be also be used as a cleaning agent, a refrigerant and as a fuel, powering engines such as that in the retrofitted Toyota GT86-R Marangoni Eco Explorer. But producing ammonia can be energy- and resource-intensive, most often created through heating coal or natural gas to use as a source for hydrogen, and then reacting… read more

2014 Ford F150 Can Run on CNG


Ford’s iconic pickup truck, the F-150, will come with an alternative fuel option for 2014, with the 3.7l V6 being capable of running on compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquified petroleum gas (LPG). The gaseous-fuel prep package available for the 2014 model includes hardened valves and valve seats, as well as hardened pistons and rings, in order to switch between operating on gasoline or on natural gas. According to Ford, once the CNG/LPG package is installed, the F-150 can cover over 750 miles per tank (depending on tank size), with an average fuel efficiency of 23 MPG (highway). “Businesses and… read more