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Your Pool is a Major Air Polluter

Backyard Pool Pollution

An aerial view of the suburbs in a warm climate often displays a homogenous cluster of houses, spiraling outwards along the street. Behind each house, a fenced, green patch contains a sparkling pool in a kidney-bean shape – or perhaps round or rectangular. These toxic puddles are more than Kool-aid blue splashes on an otherwise bare landscape. They are generators of air pollution. Especially in large concentrations. Staying out of artificial swimming pools doesn’t keep you free from exposure to the toxins contained within. Whether they are actually used, the congregation of chemically treated pools elevate the pollution levels throughout… read more

This Little Birdi is a Smarter Air Monitor

This Little Birdi is a Smarter Air Monitor

Every winter, we read stories about people who lose their lives because of carbon monoxide poisoning, which is something that could be prevented with a simple detector that alerts residents to high levels of CO in the home. Just recently, we’ve seen some new versions of these air monitoring devices, such as the Nest Protect, but there’s another contender about to hit the market, and this one also has an avian name. Birdi takes the traditional smoke and carbon monoxide a couple of steps forward, as it not only detects the possibility of a fire in the home, or a… read more

The Atmosphere Has A Recycling Washing Machine

The Atmosphere Has A Recycling Washing Machine

The atmosphere’s ability to recycle pollutants is being compared to a washing machine that can recycle the detergent from the wash cycle, and then use it again when the area needs a good cleaning. Troposphere research specialists from the Institute of Energy and Climate Research in Jülich, Germany found that radicals are actually recycled in an atmospheric stage called isoprene degradation. The researchers were able to effectively show that isoprene, a naturally occurring hydrocarbon, can be broken down, or cleansed, by hydroxyl radicals. These radicals are referred to as the atmosphere’s cleansing agents that are capable of reducing isoprene, which… read more

The Canopy Tower Apartments Envelope Tenants in Nature


The Canopy is a concept apartment tower conceived by Boutique Designs, a Hong Kong based design agency, as a means of merging urban efficiency with nature. The project will achieve this through the tower’s optimized structure, designed to lower construction costs and simplify reproduction. The structure’s energy-efficient properties are acquired through implementation of a glass facade, which grants tenants 360-degree exposure to sunlight, and an AC compressor; in addition to the abundance of plant-life perching throughout both the building’s interior and exterior. Gracing the tower with more than sylvan beauty, the trees lend their talent for capturing pollutant particles in… read more

Living Decor


Indoor plants have remained a popular household fixture for over 3000 years. They introduce nature into urban environments, define a room’s dimension, and improve the overall health of the home’s inhabitants. But what if we could go beyond the houseplant, or even vertical gardening to find indoor plants that are fully immersed within a piece of furniture? Below, are a few examples of living decor at its best. Living Furniture Designed by San Francisco based company, Habitat Horticulture,  Living Tables are made from wood, steel, and crowned with a sheet of tempered glass. The tables have a carrying capacity of… read more

Air Fresheners Or Air Poisoners?

Air Freshener Or POisoner

We are fed many advertising ‘untruths’ but one stands out. Air Fresheners suggests that these spray cans can actually “clean” or “freshen” the air that we breathe. How anything can be fresher than oxygen! There are numerous ways in which fresheners work. They either contain a nerve-deadening chemical that affects your ability to smell, coats your nasal passage with an oily film, covers one smell with another or by breaking down the bad odour. What is most dangerous about these sprays is that the chemicals, when mixed with ozone, can sometimes create Formaldehyde, a known poison which is carcinogenic. Some… read more

Can Your Shirt Do This?

Can Your Shirt Do This?

Probably not. The shirt that is capable of detecting air pollution levels is not for sale, but it is an interesting concept design. Created by inventive graduate students, Sue Ngo and Nien Lam, the pollution sensing shirt named “Warning Signs” is a prototype, but one that is begging to grow out of its sample shell and onto the shelf. Complete with little lung or heart replicas on the facing of the shirt, it reacts to carbon monoxide levels in the surrounding air. Initially, the “healthy organs” are a vigorous pink hue, however when an air pollution culprit creeps near it,… read more

E-Trikes To Replace Trikes And Bikes in Philippines


In the Philippines, there are currently 3.5 million trikes and motorcycles operating throughout the country, most of which are running on combustion engines. By no accident, there has long been a correlation between the carbon emissions released from these vehicles and the country’s suffering air quality. The Philippines are certainly not the only country to struggle with pollution from vehicles. Worldwide, the transportation sector is responsible for 30 percent of all air pollution. Without a change in transport systems, future pollution rates look rather grim, as global carbon emissions from transportation are expected to increase 200 percent by 2030. To… read more

Aromatic Design

Aromatic Design

The use of scent can have a profound effect on the impression of a space. While quality design tries to evoke the senses, one element that may seemingly get lost as important in the process is the incorporation of natural aromatics. Spaces are often more than just what is seen. There is also an invisible mood often which can be attributed to, among other things, fragrances in the air. Sensory experiences, especially odors, can bring back memories associated with a particular smell or group of smells. Research on the importance of smell has been conducted in numerous studies. Chemesthesis, or… read more

Solar Light Bulbs and Lamps Provide Safe Lighting

Evans Wadongo

Kerosene lamps pose many health risks and other hazards, but are still used in many areas where there is no electricity. Solar lighting provides a safe and efficient alternative, and many companies are taking the initiative and making durable solar light bulbs and lanterns that allow lighting without kerosene. Discovery News has compiled great samples of solar powered lights and their designers that are making a real difference in the daily lives of those who have access to them by eliminating dependence on harmful kerosene based lighting. Waterproof solar lanterns from Greenlight Planet in India have helped to replace some… read more