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Burn Out

Burn Out

Candles are a favorite relaxing decoration for many homes, creating warm low lighting or emitting aromatic scents through the room. For more than decoration, this line of home interior also has a message. From Gentle Giants Studio, their collection of candles called BERGY BIT have been designed to mimic the effects of global warming. The name comes from the scientific definition for the process of when glacier breaks apart and another smaller one is created. As the candle burns it changes shape and resembles a melting iceberg. They were made for BOZU Italian Workshop Design and come in 3 scents. Deep Sea… read more

Your Pool is a Major Air Polluter

Backyard Pool Pollution

An aerial view of the suburbs in a warm climate often displays a homogenous cluster of houses, spiraling outwards along the street. Behind each house, a fenced, green patch contains a sparkling pool in a kidney-bean shape – or perhaps round or rectangular. These toxic puddles are more than Kool-aid blue splashes on an otherwise bare landscape. They are generators of air pollution. Especially in large concentrations. Staying out of artificial swimming pools doesn’t keep you free from exposure to the toxins contained within. Whether they are actually used, the congregation of chemically treated pools elevate the pollution levels throughout… read more

An Air Quality Egg For Community Awareness


This week, we’ll be highlighting our favorite eco-tech projects that have successfully received funding on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Today’s choice is the ‘Air Quality Egg‘ from Sensemakers. The “egg” is a computerized air quality monitor that connects to your computer and phone wirelessly. With it, you can monitor the air quality outside your home, in a nearby park,  the outskirts of town where all the factories reside, and more. Essentially, it’s an open-sourced social network for eco-conscious individuals to share their findings with the world. The team received their full funding in the spring of 2012. You can purchase… read more

Effects of Prenatal Air Pollution Exposure

Prenatal Air Pollution Exposure

Health related research studies that recognize links between psychological dynamics and environmental factors provide a firsthand look into the significance of the relationship between the two. A study looking into psychological distress and air pollution exposure during maternal periods found that these can later have a negative effect on child behavior. Researchers from the Columbia Center for Children’s Environmental Health at the Mailman School of Public Health conducted the study, which was recently published in the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics. It is a pioneering effort in that it attributes a relationship among mental states during pregnancy and… read more

Can Your Shirt Do This?

Can Your Shirt Do This?

Probably not. The shirt that is capable of detecting air pollution levels is not for sale, but it is an interesting concept design. Created by inventive graduate students, Sue Ngo and Nien Lam, the pollution sensing shirt named “Warning Signs” is a prototype, but one that is begging to grow out of its sample shell and onto the shelf. Complete with little lung or heart replicas on the facing of the shirt, it reacts to carbon monoxide levels in the surrounding air. Initially, the “healthy organs” are a vigorous pink hue, however when an air pollution culprit creeps near it,… read more

Unwasting in the Textile Industry

Eco Textiles To Watch For

We use textiles every day; from clothes to coverings, fabrics are important pieces. Several inventive and ecological choices are progressively springing up around the globe. It is nice to know that the numbers of environmentally responsible cloth options are continually growing, and some in places you might not expect. Organic materials, like the fibers from pineapples and bananas, can be successfully used for an assortment of textile products. What would normally be discarded from these natively grown plants is being considered for use as fabrics to make everything from clothing to home furnishings. The fibers from the plants are ideal… read more