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Five Ways You’re Doing Eco-Activism Wrong


We’d like to think that going green is always about fun times and unicorns and rainbows, but the sad truth is, environmentalism can blow up in our faces pretty easily. Bad things often happen with the best of intentions in mind, and with that being said, here are five ways you’re doing it wrong. 5. Waterless Bathroom Urinals Cause Overflows (Of Pee) This is one area of everyday life where water is actually pretty necessary. Sure, you might think that conserving water by installing a “New! Hip! Eco-Friendly!” waterless urinal is the eco conscious way to go, but soon you’ll… read more

Take Action on Global Wind Day: June 15th

Take Action on Global Wind Day: June 15th

How much do you know about wind energy? If you’re like many of us, not very much. But on June 15th, you can discover the power and possibilities of wind power, because it’s Global Wind Day. Wind power is a viable option in many locations around the world, and yet it’s somewhat mysterious to the general population. After all, we’ve heard that wind turbines can kill birds and bats, that they are noisy and inefficient, and that they aren’t really a solution to global power issues. But are any of those statements true, or is it just anti-wind rhetoric? Global… read more