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Stronger Than Metal — Spider Silk Nears Debut


There aren’t a ton of elements with properties stronger than metal, so prepare to meet an unlikely competitor in the market — spider silk. You probably wouldn’t expect to see spider silk on the list of future replacements for metal, and you wouldn’t be alone in your disbelief. It’s a relatively new concept, but one that has many lasting and important meanings for the manufacturing world. Spider silk is naturally resilient, and 25 times stronger than steel. It’s extremely difficult to farm spiders, though, which is why it’s taken researchers so long to reach this milestone in their journey to… read more

3D Printing Gets Even More Intricate

3D Printing Gets Even More Intricate

The world of 3D printing has taken off, and one area that has seen an increase in the details and variety is with furniture and even larger products. One newer 3D printer allows plastic materials to be printed however; a process called fused deposition modeling (FDM) also makes it capable of utilizing blends of wood fibers, nylons and even polymers. Called the BigRep One, it is making quite a buzz in the ever developing printing arena. First shown at a 3D print showing in New York, it is now available on the consumer market. For a suggested retail price tag… read more

3-D Printed Prosthetic Limbs


It almost seems like something you’d expect to see in “iRobot”, but 3-D printed limbs have finally made the jump from big-screen-fantasy to real life functionality. Bespoke Innovations, a boutique design firm in San Francisco, makes top-of-the-line prosthetic limbs using 3-D printing technology. Their process is simple, yet innovative in a market dominated by large one-size-fits-all firms. Scott Summit, the company’s founder, is an Industrial Designer and Orthopedic Surgeon himself, and sought to bring a human element to the image of cold, dead prosthetics. Here are just a few of his creations:     Bespoke uses a variety of build… read more

3D Printed Food Is Right Around The Corner


3-D printing opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to cost-savings, reducing environmental impact, and truly “going green”. We’ve seen everything from 3D printed homes to jet engines, and now comes the inevitable food “replicating” we all grew up watching on Star Trek. Right now, food items such as chocolate, jam, cookies, and even pizzas can be 3-d printed, although we’re still awhile away from having the printer cook the food before serving. Check out this cool video and see it first-hand for yourself:

3D Printing at Home

3D Printing

We’ve written about 3-D printers that can create a house in hours and days, though we haven’t written about 3-D printers for home use. While still in the infant stages, 3-D printing is quickly becoming a trend in the United States and around the globe. Since these devices are so versatile, just about anybody can start using them with little to no experience or training. You simply connect the printer to your computer download a few programs, insert the construction materials, and have at it. Even some middle and high schools have begun using 3-D printers in their science classes… read more

Scientists Can 3-D Print You A New Body Part


Prosthetic limbs have long been a part of society, dating back to the Egyptian times, traveling through to fictional Captain Ahab and his notorious peg leg, and now to the modern day world. However, yesterday’s scary-looking body part is tomorrow’s 3-D printed miracle. There are a wide variety of items you can print using a 3-D printer, and we can now add “body parts” to the list. Here are a few limbs we can create in a lab and attach to anybody who needs it. Ears It’s an absolute tragedy when somebody loses an ear, or is born with a… read more

2013 Inventions: The Year So Far


We’re just over halfway through the year 2013, and it’s been a fantastic run so far for sustainable and eco-friendly products. Looking back, we’ve created a short list of our favorite products to come out this year. A Cardboard Bicycle For $30 dollars, this eco-friendly bike can be yours. It was a DIY project created by Izhar Gafni back in 2009. Gafni wanted to work on innovating his favorite past time: bicycling. He began experimenting with folding cardboard into stronger shapes and sizes, constructing and designing the various materials he’d need to create a workable cardboard bike, and testing his… read more

Saving Money By 3-D Printing


Everyone appreciates the value of saving a few pennies when we can. Whether it’s shopping at the department store for clothing rather than that fancy new boutique on Main street, purchasing higher end lightbulbs that will save you money over time, or installing an eco-friendly shower head to lower monthly water costs, we find ways to stretch a dollar. A new study by the Michigan Technical University shows us just how eco conscious (and budget-savvy) 3-D printing truly is. They estimate that printing your own household items, tools, eating utensils, and toys for the kids can actually save you an… read more

A 3-D Printed Rocket Engine From NASA


The magicians over at NASA have worked their secret magics in their secretive labs again, and created a 3-D printed rocket engine–and it actually works. It’s not really secret, nor is it magic, but it might as well be. The process behind ecological 3-D printing is absolutely incredible, and will one day bring us printed houses, printed jets, and even printed food. Right now, however, we’ll stick with on-demand jet engines. At the Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio, researchers used laser-melting tools to heat metallic powders and fuse them into shape. Though the entire crafting process took four months,… read more

Create Your Own Bioplastic


The emerging 3-D Printing industry is an area of manufacturing we highly recommend getting behind. It’s affordable, fast, eco-friendly, and absolutely is going to redesign the way we create things in the near future. But what if you don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on a new printer? Or maybe you already have one, but ran out of build materials and need a quick fix?   The solution, my friend, is in bioplastic. It’s virtually the same thing as the plastics used in 3-D printers, though the method of crafting the plastic is much different. The best part is… read more