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3D Printing Gets Even More Intricate

3D Printing Gets Even More Intricate

The world of 3D printing has taken off, and one area that has seen an increase in the details and variety is with furniture and even larger products. One newer 3D printer allows plastic materials to be printed however; a process called fused deposition modeling (FDM) also makes it capable of utilizing blends of wood fibers, nylons and even polymers. Called the BigRep One, it is making quite a buzz in the ever developing printing arena. First shown at a 3D print showing in New York, it is now available on the consumer market. For a suggested retail price tag… read more

3D Printing at Home

3D Printing

We’ve written about 3-D printers that can create a house in hours and days, though we haven’t written about 3-D printers for home use. While still in the infant stages, 3-D printing is quickly becoming a trend in the United States and around the globe. Since these devices are so versatile, just about anybody can start using them with little to no experience or training. You simply connect the printer to your computer download a few programs, insert the construction materials, and have at it. Even some middle and high schools have begun using 3-D printers in their science classes… read more