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Transforming Skin Cells Into Liver Cells


The technology has existed for a while now to grow certain organs in a lab to be used as replacements for organs in which finding a donor may be difficult. Those organs, however, were never complete copies — they were merely close replicas. Now, researchers at the Gladstone Institutes and UC San Francisco had announced that they’ve discovered a way to create fully mature liver cells. The organs have only been tested in lab animals whose bodies have been modified to imitate liver failure, but the tests showed that the liver cells were able to thrive on their own without… read more

Contour Crafting Renovates The Construction World


Called the Contour Crafting Robotic Construction System, it is a conceptual technology that uses a 3-D printing process to rapidly produce a prototype. It is made up of robotic arms and nozzles which are controlled by a computer aided program and a framework system that moves the nozzles. It can build a range of structures, including entire homes. The technology takes 3-D imaging to the next level, and the system is capable of producing over a 2,000 square foot house with all of the necessary components, including outlets for electricity and accommodations for plumbing and air. What gets really impressive… read more