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Dressing Your Gifts

As the holidays approach, many will be in a rush to get presents picked out and dressed up. All too often, this includes spending extra money on wrapping paper, plastic bows, and other disposable adornments.

Rather than going that familiar route, ditch the wrapping paper altogether. Instead, wrap your presents using unique alternatives that will make your gift all the more memorable.

Try donning your gift in the following:

  • An Old Map – it could be an ordinary road map or an antique map. Maybe it is a map of a region your recipient is fond of. For example, use a map of Ireland if your loved one wishes to visit the Emerald Isle some day. You could even use a post card in place of a greeting card.
  • Sheet Music – Any music should do, though you could play up the holiday factor by using Christmas piano music or other holiday sheet music.
  • Newspaper – Try to avoid using depressing news articles, otherwise any newspaper you have on hand should work.
  • Photos From a Magazine – they could be ads or articles as well. Magazine pages are very glossy, so almost any page will look attractive. If there is a particular article the gift recipient would take interest to, this is a neat way to display it. If the magazine has fragrance samples, you can always tuck those in as well for as an added treat.
  • Pillow Cases – tied with ribbon to keep it closed and add a decorative touch.
  • In a Hand-painted Box – it could be a cardboard box that you paint yourself, unleashing your inner artist. Or you could put to pen your inner scribe by writing a message (in your fanciest script, of course) to the recipient. It would rid the need for a greeting card. You could also paste old postage stamps atop the paper to make the message appear more letter-like.
  • Personal Photos – if you have them handy and don’t mind using them, can be pasted all over the box or gift bag that is harboring the present. It may add sentimental value to you gift.
  • Old Hat or Shoebox – they are usually quite decorative and do not need to be dressed up any further.
  • Candy Boxes – Having already served as pretty packaging to Valentine’s candy, these can be used again for other holiday presents.
  • Blanket – they can be used on average-sized and smaller items, tying each end closed (tootsie roll style), with ribbon. They can also be thrown over larger items, so you can have a big “reveal” on the holiday in question. In this way it is like opening stage curtains to reveal a marvelous act or as a grand finale. Other materials may work for this as well, like linen, table cloth, and spare fabric (velvet always looks festive).

For smaller trinkets or baubles, like earrings, tuck them away into your Christmas tree. The receiver of the gift could have a fun time seeking it out.

If you already have wrapping paper on hand, glue or staple it to a container rather than wrapping it around the container. This way, the newly festive container can be reused.

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