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World Food Day – Celebrating Sustainable Foods

Food is center-stage in festivals around the world. It is often a staple in celebrations to gather around, from small parties to community events.

Leaning about events that are held in honor of food and its essential role in nourishing the world helps to foster an appreciation for those who grow and catch our foods. Food festivals with sustainably and ethically grown edibles as the emphasis occur throughout the globe. The following are a few annual eco-centric food assemblies that are for great causes.

Every March 22nd is International World Water Day. This event began in 1993 and seeks to increase awareness of the need for ethical systems that utilize sustainable freshwater as a resource. A principal topic is highlighted every year. Water waste, pollution and aquaculture are a few of the pertinent issues affecting freshwater life and areas.

World Food Day was officially recognized in 1981 and is held annually on October 16th. Its ultimate goal is to end the cycle of world hunger, which devastates approximately more than one billion individuals. The organization uses this day for uniting intercontinental forces to bring focus and action to stopping starvation, malnourishment and aiding poverty stricken regions. Further, it recognizes and promotes the need to improve agricultural methods and the safekeeping of food supplies so that no one has to continue to live in famine.

Food Day is a national sustainably minded festivity that was created to undertake the necessity of moving toward smarter farming and production, as well as fairly priced food availability.

The motto, simply put, is Eat Real by choosing natural foods that are healthy. Each October 24th activities are held across the U.S. to bring attention to the earth, animals and laborers who provide our sustenance.

These are a few of the sustainable food movements that are making a difference. Check for get-togethers in your area or organize your own thoughtfully minded food affair based around one of the concepts.

Better yet, don’t only wait for the scheduled dates to practice conscious food choices but try and incorporate simple steps throughout the year.

If everyone pitches in and makes just a few changes the whole world could eat better because of them, and that is indeed something to celebrate.

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