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Our Disposable Society

If you were to hop in a time machine and go back about a hundred years, it would be quite obvious that the changes most parts of the world have undergone are not only in extreme contrast to the past (rhyme shamelessly intended), but accelerating at an ever increasing rate.

Western civilization has gone, it seems, from steam engines to electricity in a hundred years. Reusing the wooden toys our parents played with, to fifty cent squirt guns (that break as soon as we open the package).

And this begs a question. Why?

Why is the average plastic, primary-colored toy used for about 25 minutes and then destined to spend the rest of it’s life (about 100 to 300 years decomposing) in a landfill along with our friend the squirt gun? There is no one absolute answer.

Some people will think that the corporations are taking over the world, others may point the finger at whatever religious dietie(s) they believe in, saying it’s the end of days. A lot of people think a lot of different things, and that’s okay. Whatever we think, you can still go into a dollar store and buy something for a dollar or less that will last about fifty seconds.

The thing is, no matter how many truths we see in a situation it doesn’t change the outcome or the solution. The way we are now isn’t sustainable. That’s why it’s important to remember that, in the end, things are things, quality is quality, and maybe it’s healthier (for you AND the planet) to buy (or make) things that are quality.

Like relationships. Many of us would rather have a FEW truly good friends than be surrounded by too many fragile and meaningless relationships…

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