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Coffee Grounds Making Fires Eco Friendly

What could be more romantic than a cozy fire? A crackling fireplace has long been embedded in our ideal of a home.

The only downside to this woodsy comfort is the numerous pollutants released when the lumber is burned.

One of these pollutants is carbon monoxide. Among many things, carbon monoxide can contribute to the development of cancer. It has no odor or color, which makes it hard for people to detect until they have been harmfully affected by it.

But for those who still wish to benefit from fire’s warmth and whimsy, there are other ways to go about it.

Luckily recent innovation has created a solution.

Using coffee grounds and other natural material, Pine Mountain has made alternatives to capture the tradition of cordwood fire while reducing the release of harmful toxins.

It also means more trees can thrive without fear of becoming stumps. You can get logs that come in 2 hour, 3 hour, or 4 hour burn times.

The java logs are particularly interesting. When combusted, coffee grounds have more energy than cordwood.

But all Pine Mountain logs use clean burn technology, releasing up to 80% less carbon monoxide and 75% less particle matter than woods like Douglas fir and oak. Plus creosote accumulation is reduced to 41 grams per fire as compared to 8.78 grams produced by oak fire. This accounts for up to 66% less. Just remember that these are not starter logs, and are intended for independent use, you need only to burn one log at a time.

These logs can be burned outside as well. So bring some along for camping or to keep warm during an evening of stargazing.

Though there is not yet a perfect alternative to wood burning, unless you avoid it altogether, java log and similar products can do a lot to achieve warm inviting fires, while maintaining a cleaner atmosphere.

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