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Woman Evicted For Living Off The Grid

Just last month, authorities in a Florida city evicted a woman for her “alternative lifestyle” in her paid-for home.

Check out the video:

This display of ignorance from the city authorities has not gone unnoticed, and after the story was released, an outpouring of support for the woman came from those in the community as well as others who read the story online.

It’s the year 2014, yet this story and more like it makes it seem like we’ve traveled back a century in time. If individuals can’t practice “alternative lifestyles” that do no harm to local communities and environments, then what hope is there for truly ending our dependence on “Big Oil” and “Big Electric”?

A local attorney stepped up to represent the woman, but it shouldn’t even need to go that far. Hopefully the presiding Judge will toss the case as it should have been from the get-go, otherwise this incident will set a terrible precedent for future individuals who wish to wean themselves off the grid.

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