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Where Have All The Board Games Gone?

Sitting on the floor around a board game isn’t what usually comes to mind when someone mentions gaming.

However, long before the digital age took over, families and friends used to gather around to play games of a different sort.

Where Have All The Board Games Gone?

Image source: victoraleman.mx

Created by the Victor Aleman Studio, the Grid Game is a kickback to the days of the surface based, in person and interactive idea of games.

This playful take on a design piece knocks on the door of nostalgia, and looks good doing it.

From the designers:

In a world of virtual connections where games have gone digital we play “online” collecting data in virtual spaces. Gone are the sacred moments when we would gather around a table and play with physical objects. Few families keep this tradition.

Recognizing that board games may be a thing of the past, the design team came up with the grid game. Handcrafted from wood, it is said to be a simple to follow game that can be shared within a group.

Where Have All The Board Games Gone?

With a rule of whoever finishes first wins, they even recognized the annoying aspects of original board games – putting them up and keeping track of all the pieces. Their game is also made to be a decorative interior display, as it can be placed on a table and left out when not in use.

Where Have All The Board Games Gone?

Board games have existed in probably every culture, and apparently still remain in the hearts of at least some designers, woodcrafters and families everywhere.

The idea is certainly cool, but unplugging is a required component of the game.

Where Have All The Board Games Gone?

All images are from Victor Aleman Studio.

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