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It doesn’t have to be that difficult to find green alternatives to everyday products. Eco-friendly indexes are helpful in locating needed items.

The following are a few environmentally focused places to look for your purchases.

GreenSeal.org is a non-profit that has been helping consumers find ecologically smart products and companies since 1989.

Sustainable standards must be met in an ongoing certification process to retain their endorsement. Their list is frequently updated to add businesses and items with green intentions in mind.

EcoMall is a virtual shopping outlet that lets you search more than 70 categories or by keyword to find green goods.

They also have a free app to download when on the go. In addition to products, they have lists of conservation concerned companies too. They also provide current merchandise information as well as useful retail and wholesale business resources. Environmental news bulletins and earth friendly restaurants are among the other interesting links. Check out their EcoQuotes when you need a break from buying.

Another worthy compilation is GreenPeople.org This online reference tool has been featuring products and services, including non-profit establishments, for nearly 15 years. You can search by city, state or country to find what you are looking for in the more than 20,000 listings. They also evaluate registered companies to see if they are holding up to their promises. This includes looking at ingredients, where materials come from and even examining organic claims.

Sometimes a bit of searching may be in order to find a sustainable replacement for a not so earth conscious product or when seeking a like-minded service provider. Looking for green items we use daily or need for a specific venture is much easier when given the resources.

When more consumers demand better products, more companies will have to listen.

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