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Don’t Let Fruit Go To Waste

Food waste is an issue that bothers most grocery shoppers.

Fruit is one item that can be expensive to buy, so after carefully selecting, purchasing and washing it, it is frustrating when it turns bad and has to be thrown out.

If you don’t have a compost pile or want to have some fun with your food, there are neat ways to use leftover fruits.

An easy way to make use of fruit that is still good but not quite fresh enough to display in a fruit basket is to incorporate it into other recipes.

Leftover fruit makes great preserves and peels can be put to use in homemade jellies.

Blended fruits can also be added to cake, muffin and cookie batters for moister desserts. Smoothies and shakes are great ways to use overripe produce.

Also, homemade fruit roll ups, frozen sorbets and popsicles are simple to make with pureed fruits.


Image source: ourbestbites.com

If fruit is no longer edible, there are still other ideas for using it.

Making a battery work with fruit power is an interesting science experiment for kids. Citrus or other fruits that have softened can be used to produce a current of electricity that will turn on a small-scale light bulb. Placing a zinc nail in the acidic fruit causes a reaction that conducts electricity. For directions and investigative suggestions, look at Science Fair Adventure.

Also, the natural pigments found in fruits, fruit seeds and berries make perfect tints for coloring artwork and painting. In addition to being used for making paints, leftover fruit halves and peels can be used as painting stamps to apply colored shapes to fabrics, toys, paper or whatever strikes the imagination. Apple and pear wedges work well, as do neat shaped produce like starfruit. Also, citrus halves make good circles. For the secret keeper or spy in training, the juice from leftover lemons can be used to make invisible ink.

Fruit themed projects provide a creative way to use what would otherwise be wasted.


Image source: ourbestbites.com

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