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Capturing The Perfect Wave

Capturing The Perfect Wave

Clark Little, a surfer and photographer, has been making a lot of waves in recent years.

The amazing views captured by the water adventurer and shutterbug are reason for pause. Taking observers straight into the eye of ocean waves, Little transforms the way we see the water.

His trademark breathtaking shots, referred to as shorebreak photography, offer a dreamlike glimpse into the dancing and crashing waves that many of us will never experience.

Capturing The Perfect Wave Capturing The Perfect Wave

Interestingly, Little’s initial idea to start capturing these incredible shots came from a spousal request to hang up some artwork to liven up a bland bedroom wall. Not wanting to pay for a ready-made image, he purchased a store bought waterproof camera and set out to make his own instead. That must have been an impressive shot, as he has created a unique niche in surf photograph. His growing collection of work has been featured, published and displayed in many venues since.

Using the ocean waves as a frame, he sets up a postcard perfect and captivating look at the active water.

Take a ride and catch a glimpse:

Almost as if framing it up for him to get the perfect shot, he somehow gets the waves to cooperate with him. Or at least it seems that way, but there are actually hours of grueling work and preparation waiting for that perfect ride and capturing the shot. These daring images are no doubt difficult to get and can place even the most experienced of water based photographers in danger.

Seizing nature in its rawest of forms, Little’s talent and skillful water maneuvering provides quite a presentation.

All images are the property of Clark Little Photography.

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