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Wasteful Over-Packaging

Surely everyone has experienced the bafflement of packaging. Why companies continue to over-wrap, over-cover, over-layer, their products is beyond me. Below are some culprits that should perhaps be avoided or found alternatives too. You could always write in to the brands and voice your concerns.

Tea Bags – If you buy in bulk, tea-bags are a lot more environmentally friendly. This way you get more tea bag and less packaging. I find the smaller the package the more layers they tend to use. Outrageous! I bought a pack of 10 bags the other day and not only did it have plastic covering the cardboard box but the tea bags were individually wrapped.

Food Products – I understand the health and safety requirements of packaging food, however I am stunned by the amount of superfluous layers in food packaging in general. Take frozen food. It not only comes in a brightly coloured (heavily dyed) outer plastic wrapper but then it comes in a stronger plastic tray that is really unnecessary.

Technical devices – I believe our worst culprit. Take the tiny i-phone. Every single accessory has its own plastic home. Inside another home, inside another, inside a box.

Appliances in general are also guilty of packaging overload, not to mention the styrofoam used to protect the precious devices. Surely our planet is more precious that a TV?

Lollies – Lollies, chocolates and sweets have seriously moved on from the simple brown paper packaging of yesteryear. Layer upon layer upon layer and finally you arrive at your special treat. Totally unnecessary wrappers for individual little morsels. A great sin!

Big online businesses really have a lot to answer for. Not only can the product you purchase be over-packaged by the manufacturer itself, then the online company decides to wrap that “gift” for you. Then they decide to cover that with polystyrene (how does this stuff still exist?!) then they decide to box it. Then they may decide to wrap that and ribbon it and last of all they chuck it in a post bag and send it to you. What!?

Businesses should really look to reducing their packaging or choosing recycled/recyclable materials. There are many companies who do, so it is best to keep a lookout for these responsible folk. The best thing to do when buying products is to buy in bulk. It is more economical and uses way less packaging. Also look to buy things you can re-fill as it will save on bulky packaging that is harder to break down.

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